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April 2015 Posts

A listing of the April 2015 posts on The Civil War Blog with direct links: Why Was There a Cross-Burning in Elizabethville? Monuments at Gettysburg – 121st Pennsylvania Infantry Monuments at Gettysburg – 139th Pennsylvania Infantry March 2015 Posts Monuments at Gettysburg – 140th Pennsylvania Infantry Capt. William E. Miller – Medal of Honor at […]

The Yeager Family in the Civil War (Part 1)

In 1912, the Hon. James Martin Yeager wrote and published A Brief History of the Yeager, Buffington, Creighton, Jacobs, Lemon, Hoffman and Woodside Families and Their Collateral Kindred of Pennsylvania.  Yeager was formerly the President of Drew Seminary for Young Women of Carmel, New York as well as a former Member of the House of […]

Additions to Veterans’ List – R

Veterans of the Civil War identified as having some connection to the Lykens Valley area and included in the Civil War Research Project was last updated 19 April 2012.  In a series of posts continuing intermittently until concluding in mid-June, a brief sketch of each of the new names added since then will be presented.  […]

John Botdorf of Herndon – Killed at Po River, Virginia

The Widow Mary Botdorf, living in Jackson Township (Herndon Post Office), Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, reported to the 1890 Census that her husband John Botdorf had served in the 136th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company C, as a Private, from 7 August 1862 through his discharge on 29 May 1863 (nine months and 22 days), that he was […]

Pennsylvania Regiments at Petersburg and Richmond – Corps and Generals (Part 1 of 2)

In this, the first of two posts on the Pennsylvania regiments present during the Petersburg-Richmond Campaign, the “order of battle”, or the listing of how the Union Army was organized for battle, will begin.  The listing will conclude tomorrow.  Many men from the Lykens Valley area participated in the campaign around Richmond which was one […]