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Some Views of Andersonville and Andersonville National Cemetery

   The Andersonville Confederate Military Prison opened in February, 1864 and was in existence until its liberation in May 1865.  The prison site is 25.5 acres and today consists of some reconstructions including portions of the stockade fence.  Although it was the most notorious of all the prisoner of war facilities, it was not alone […]

The New York and New Jersey Monuments at Andersonville, Georgia

Andersonville was the notorious Confederate prisoner of war camp where, of the 45,000  Union soldiers who were incarcerated there, nearly 13,000 died of disease, starvation and communicable diseases.  In prior posts, the Pennsylvania Memorial at Andersonville, Georgia, was featured on this blog.  In today’s post, the monuments to the soldiers who were from Pennsylvania’s neighboring […]

The Journey of the 103rd Pennsylvania Infantry to Andersonville Prison

At the end of April and beginning of May 1864, the captured men of the 103rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment were marched and transported south to Andersonville Confederate Prison.  Their story was told by one of the members of that regiment, who compiled accounts of the regimental history, including the journey to Andersonville, Georgia. History of the […]

Stories of the Pennsylvania Memorial Dedication at Andersonville, Georgia

Efforts to get the aging veterans who had been imprisoned at Andersonville, Georgia, to the dedication ceremony of the Pennsylvania Memorial to be held on 7 December 1905, continued throughout the year. Free Trips for Veterans.  A dozen vets from this city and vicinity who were imprisoned at Andersonville during the Civil War will be […]

Dedication of the Pennsylvania Memorial at Andersonville, Georgia

On 7 December 1905, the Pennsylvania Memorial at Andersonville, Georgia, was dedicated. A commemorative volume was produced which included the history of the memorial, speeches given at the dedication, and a list of the veterans who had applied for free transportation to attend the ceremonies. The book has been digitized and is a free download […]