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The Shamokin Soldiers’ Circle – The Cemetery List – Identified Grave Sites

Posted By on June 2, 2014


Today’s post is the first of two with updated information on the Soldiers’ Circle at the Shamokin Cemetery, Shamokin, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Previous posts on this blog presented photographs of each of the burial sites in the circle, many with readable stones, but some with no stones or partially readable stones.  For access to those previous posts click on ShamokinSoldCircle.  For a description of the circle, see:  G.A.R. Soldiers’ Circle at Shamokin Cemetery.  For a complete map of the circle, see:  The Shamokin Soldiers’ Circle – Mapping the Circle.

An on-line cemetery list was found by contributing researcher Sam Kerstetter of Gratz at usgwarchives.net, from which he extracted information on the soldiers that are supposedly buried in the Soldiers’ Circle.  The list he found had been uploaded on April 2011 by Tracy Eveland, but a date was not given when the list was actually compiled.

The updated information in today’s post adds the photograph number and link to the prior post in which the identified grave marker was pictured.  Click on the soldier’s name to go back to the post with other information about the soldier.

In tomorrow’s post, the list of burials for which a grave marker has not been located and photographed will be presented.


For each identified soldier named below, the record begins with the photograph number used in the Project’s cataloging of the cemetery (see previous posts by clicking on the soldier’s name), followed by the soldier’s name, his date of death, his cause of death (where not known, “Blank” is given), his age (in years, month, days), the grave location (“G.A.R. Circle”), and remarks (when made in the cemetery list).

009-Michael Norton, 12 February 1886, Blank, Blank, G.A.R. Circle.

010-William Markle, 1869, Wounded in Army, Blank, Blank, G.A.R. Circle.

020-Alderson Christopher [this soldier is not in the usgwarchives.net list, but the name on the stone can be clearly identified].

021-Henry Allison  [this soldier is not in the usgwarchives.net list, but the name on the stone can be clearly identified].

024-Emmel Wolf, 3 September 1869, Burned with Powder, 30-0-0,  G.A.R. Circle.

025-George Wagner [this soldier is not in the usgwarchives.net list, but the name on the stone can be clearly identified].

026-John Coder, 19 September 1862, Leg Amputated, 18 -10-6, G.A.R. Circle, Wounded in Battle

028-William Taylor, 1 June 1876, Burned in Mines, 55-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

033-George W. Foulke [this soldier is not in the usgwarchives.net list, but the name on the stone can be clearly identified; also, this is a new stone].

034-Jacob J. Rumberger [this soldier is not in the usgwarchives.net list, but the name on the stone can be clearly identified].

035-Charles Conrad, 20 July 1886, G.A.R. Circle.

036-George Frederick, 15 October 1886, G.A.R. Circle.

037-John Stricklen, 6 December 1887, Blank, 42-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

038-James Greager (Joseph?), 12 September 1899, Dropsy, 67-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

039-David Montour [this soldier is not in the usgwarchives.net list, but the name on the stone can be clearly identified].

040-James Douty, 20 September 1889, Heart Disease, 55-9-28, (?GAR Circle).

044-Henry Clements, 16 December 1889, Miner’s Asthma, 67-0 -0, G.A.R. Circle.

045-Thomas Harris, 5 March 1890, Miner’s Asthma,  54-5-0, G.A.R. Circle.

046-Elias Smith, 9 March 1891 Paralytic Stroke, 65-0-0, March 12, G.A.R. Circle.

047-William Bonawitz, 21 May 1891, Brain Fever, 59-7, G.A.R. Circle

049-Conrad Yeager, 25 August 1891, Tumor, 58-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

051-S. P. Eisenhart, 4 March 1892, Dropsy, 55-0-0,  G.A.R. Circle.

055-Elias F. Peifer, 2 December 1892, Killed on Railroad, 54-11-0, G.A.R. Circle.

056-Thomas Caldwell, 22 Dec 1892, Heart Failure, 63-2-22, G.A.R. Circle

058-Joseph Holshue (? Joel), 31 May 1893, Heart Failure, 56-6 -29, G.A.R. Circle.

059-Samuel Tobias, 14 July 1893, Accident on Railroad., 47-7-25, G.A.R. Circle.

060-S. F. Hoover (Hower?) , 7 September 1893, Exhaustion, 51-0-0, G.A.R. Circle

061-Daniel Morgan, 19 September 1893 Dropsy, 60-8-0, G.A.R. Circle.

063-Adam Fisher, 6 July 1894, Stomach Cancer, 66-0-0, G.A.R. Circle

065-Nathan Kessler, 27 July 1894 Heart Disease, 48-0-0, July 30, G.A.R. Circle.

068-John L. Long, 26 September 26, 1895 Apoplexy, 53-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

072-Samuel Fryberger, 9 June 1896, Consumption, 51-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

073-Charles Mengle (Engle?), 17 July 1897, Dropsy, 61-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

074-Elias Fox, 16 February 1898, Bright’s Disease , 73-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

075-Cyrus Zieger, May 12, 1898, Trolley Accident, 62-0-0, G.A.R. Circle, Killed at Gosstown.

082-Josiah Simmers, 15 November 1900, Apoplexy, 58-2-0, G.A.R. Circle.

084-William Culp, 27 May 1901, Paralysis, 66-10-4, G.A.R. Circle.

085-Peter R. Treon, 28 June 1902, Apoplexy, 61-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

086-Jacob Smith, 14 July 1902 Paralysis, 63-6-11, G.A.R. Circle.

087-Thomas Tarr, 17 January 1903, Bright’s Disease, 62-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

089-John Dillon, 26 March 1903, Bowel Inflammation, 67-0 -0, G.A.R. Circle.

091-Benneville Beisel, 10 May 1903, Cystitis, 72, G.A.R. Circle.

092-Jacob Shroyer, 29 June 1904 Paralysis, 69-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

094-Daniel Fetter [this soldier is not in the usgwarchives.net list, but the name on the stone can be clearly identified].

095-Israel Whary, 24 February 1905, Dropsy, 66-8-25, G.A.R. Circle.

097-William Thomas, 28 September 1905 Fall, 78-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

098-William Blyler, 19 December 1905, Apoplexy, 60, G.A.R. Circle.

099-Joseph Helt, 5 January 1906, Bronchitis, 70-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

105-Jonathan Rumberger, 16 January 1907, Paralysis, 81-3-17, G.A.R. Circle.

108-Cleave Hawthorn, 26 June 1907, Tuberculosis, 76-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

109-Henry Bordner, 27 September 1906, Senile Debility, 72-11-23, G.A.R. Circle.

111-Joseph May, 27 April 1908, Hemorrhage, 60-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

112-Simon Strausser, 11 January 1909, Apoplexy, 75-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

113-Balthaser Ritzman, 22 January 1910, Peloric Carcinoma, 68-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

114-William Wright, 15 November 1909 Pulmonary Odaemia, 75-9-7, November 18, G.A.R. Circle.

115-John A. Wilson, 19 February 1910 Senility, 72-0-0, February 23, G.A.R. Circle.

116-William Britton, 20 June 1908, Railroad Accident, 65, G.A.R. Circle.

119-Lewis Moyer, 24 October 1910 Cerebral Hemorrhage, 65-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

120-Theodore Salter, 4 December 1910 Apoplexy, 66-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

122-George Miller, 6 November 1911, Pneumonia, 65-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

123-George Barnes, 5 February 1913, Old Age, 86-3-5, G.A.R. Circle.

124-Elias Culp, 18 October 1913, Nephritis, 74-7-14, G.A.R. Circle.

125-John Esher, 19 October 1913, Debility, 83-5-21, G.A.R. Circle.

126-John Eisenhart, 16 November 1913, Pneumonia, 75-1-5, G.A.R. Circle.

129-Gideon Frahn, 20 January 1915, Gangrene, 83-8-0, G.A.R. Circle.

130-Benjamin Snyder, 7 March 1915 Accident, 69-11-0, March 10, G.A.R. Circle, Struck by train while trespassing on railroad.

131-David Goss, 11 December 1915, Nephrititis, 73-3-26, G.A.R. Circle.

132-James A. Metz, 12 June 1916, Chronic Endocarditis, 75-9-26, G.A.R. Circle.

133-Simon Rumberger, 16 July 1916 Nephritis, 70-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

134-Monroe Geasey, 24 January 1917, Myocarditis, 71-10-27, G.A.R. Circle.

135-James P. Shannon [this soldier is not in the usgwarchives.net list, but the name on the stone can be clearly identified; also, this is a new stone].

136-James Gaskins, 22 August 1917, Heart Disease, 71-6-24, G.A.R. Circle.

137-Frank Lott, 17 December 1917 Apoplexy, 73-10-22, G.A.R. Circle.

138-Peter W. Miller, 10 November 1918 Heart Disease, 75-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

139-Matthew Lambert, 18 April 1919 Diabetes, 77-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

140-Harry Frahn, 18 May 1919, Pneumonia, 75-3-12, G.A.R. Circle

141-Samuel Kessler, 16 July 1919, Intestinal, 72-3-26, G.A.R. Circle.

142-Christian Etzel, 28 Aug 1920, Stomach Cancer, 76-0-0, G.A.R. Circle

143-Tobias Koppenhaver, 30 August 1920, Apoplexy, 74-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

144-Henry Miller, 1 October 1921, Tuberculosis, 79-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

147-Hugh Boyd,  18 May 1922, Pneumonia, 89, G.A.R. Circle.

149-John H. Johnson, 16 January 1923, Endocarditis, 77-5-2, G.A.R. Circle.

150-Henry W. Templin, 21 January 1926, Cerebral Hemorrhage/Sclerosis, 87-8-7, G.A.R. Circle.

151-Percival Derk, 4 November 1926, Cerebral Hemorrhage, 80-5-2, G.A.R. Circle.

152-Elias Fourl, 14 October 1928, Myocarditis, 81-9-13, G.A.R. Circle.

153-George E. Schalick, 31 May 1937, Myocarditis, 54-0-0, Soldiers Circle.

154-William Greager, 10 January 1941, Myocarditis, 82-0-0, G.A.R. Circle.

156-Stanley Olsheskie, 27 December 1926 Wound in Head/Suicide, 29-9-22, G.A.R. Circle.

157-Angus Albright, 16 February 1927, Tuberculosis, 26-11-14, G.A.R. Circle.


Continued tomorrow….


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