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They Served Honorably in Company H, 210th Pennsylvania Infantry

Posted By on January 10, 2013


In the post today, the previously identified men who served honorably in the 210th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company H, will be noted.  These men all have some connection to the Lykens Valley area and the Civil War Research Project.  All the men are included in the present version of the Veterans List.  Many of these veterans have been previously profiled here on this blog, and hyperlinks to those past posts are provided (click on name of veteran).  Added to the post are the project file numbers now assigned to each of the veterans.  These numbers refer to to digital file numbers available from the project.  The types of information contained in the files and the rationale for including these men in the project are stated in the Civil War Research Project description.

In the post yesterday, the names of the men who were reported as deserted from Company H.  At this point in time, none of the men in that list have been specifically connected to the Lykens Valley area.  In the post tomorrow, the list of remaining men in Company H, 210th Pennsylvania Infantry will be given.  By presenting these names, it is hoped that readers will come forward with additional information on these men, and perhaps connect them in some way with the Civil War Research Project.

According to the history of this regiment, it was “rendezvoused at Camp Curtin, Harrisburg, and was mustered into the U. S. service from 25 August to 24 September 1864, for one year.”  The various companies were formed from recruits from the “counties of Dauphin, Columbia, Schuylkill, Potter, Mifflin, Bradford, Franklin and Centre.”  Its officers were Colonel William Sergeant, Lieutenant Colonel Edward L. Witman,  Major Henry E. Munson, Major James H. Graves, and Major Solomon B. Bowerman.

From the Union Army, Volume 1:

Colonel Sergeant was formerly a captain in the 12th U. S. Infantry, Lieutenant Colonel Witman was a Captain in the 46th Pennsylvania Infantry, and a large proportion of both officers and men had been in the service before. As soon as it was organized it left for the front and joined the army of the Potomac before Petersburg, where it was assigned to the 3d Brigade, 2nd Division, 5th Corps. It was active for the first time at Hatcher’s Run in October, meeting with slight loss. It shared in the Weldon Railroad Expedition in December, suffering much from the intense cold and exposure, which caused many to sicken and die. It behaved with great gallantry in the engagement at Dabney’s Mill, in February 1865, where its losses were considerable. On the opening of the spring campaign it was heavily engaged from 29 March to 1 April, at the Quaker Road, Gravelly Run, the Boydton Road and Five Forks, its loss being 35 killed, 115 wounded and 150 missing. Col. Sergeant was mortally wounded at Five Forks as were Adjutant Schlesinger and Captain Hughes. It followed the enemy during his retreat from Petersburg and was at the front when Lee’s final surrender took place. It then returned to the vicinity of Washington, participated in the Grand Review, and was mustered out at Alexandria on 30 May 1865 when the recruits were transferred to the 51st Pennsylvania Infantry, with which organization they served until their final muster out on 28 July 1865.

Note:  The grave of Col. William Sergeant at Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, is pictured at the top of this post.

The battles in which the 210th Pennsylvania Infantry participated were:

Fought on 8 Dec 1864.

Fought on 12 Dec 1864.

Fought on 6 Jan 1865.

Fought on 6 Feb 1865 at Hatcher’s Run, Virginia.

Fought on 6 Feb 1865 at Dabney’s Mills, Virginia.

Fought on 25 Mar 1865 at Gravelly Run, Virginia.

Fought on 31 Mar 1865 at Gravelly Run, Virginia

Fought on 1 Apr 1865 at Five Forks, Virginia.

The following men from Company H, 210th Pennsylvania Infantry, are already included in the Civil War Research Project.  Hyperlinks connect to some of the previous posts on this blog in which they are mentioned or featured.

Peter Blystone.  [File: CW#B114].  Additional service in 83rd Pennsylvania Infantry and 173rd Pennsylvania Infantry.

George Washington Bowman.  [File: CW#B158].

George Washington Garber.  [File: CW#WG008].  Additional service in 25th Pennsylvania Infantry and 36th Pennsylvania Infantry (Emergency of 1863).

John L. Good.  [File: CW#G044].  Additional service in 177th Pennsylvania Infantry.  Wounded at Gravelly Run, Virginia, 31 March 1865.  Moved to Iowa after the Civil War.

William Grell.  [File: CW#G083].  Also known as William Grill.

Elias Grimm.  [File: CW#G091].  Also known as Elias Grim.

John B. Gise.  [File: CW#099].  Also known as John B. Geise, John B. Guise, and John B. Guise.

Cornelius Hawk.  [File: CW#H068].  Died on 9 May 1865 of wounds received at Gravelly Run, Virginia, 31 March 1865.  Buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.

Jacob A. Hess.  [File: CW#H133].  Also known as Jacob Hess.

John G. Keihner.  [File: CW#K029].  Also known as John Keener and John G. Keener.

Jerias Kissinger.  [File: CW#K096].  Also known as Jarius Kissinger, Jorias Kissinger, Jonas Kissinger, and Josias Kissinger.  Additional service in 177th Pennsylvania Infantry.

Joseph Klinger.  [File: CW#K133].  Additional service in 177th Pennsylvania Infantry.

William H. Kocher.  [File: CW#K168].  Also known as William H. Koehner.  Additional service in 177th Pennsylvania Infantry.

John Lebo.  [File: CW#L032].

Dr. George Frederick Matter.  [File: CW#M044].

William P. Miller.  [File: CW#M184].  Wounded at Dabney’s Mills, Virginia, 6 February 1865.

Eli Paul.  [File: CW#P016].  Also known as Eli Powel.  Additional service in 172nd Pennsylvania Infantry.

Daniel Rickert.  [File: CW#R086].

Cyrus E. Salada.  [File: CW#S004].  Also known as Cyrus E. Soliday and Cyrus E. Solida.  Additional service in 35th Pennsylvania Infantry (6th Pennsylvania Reserves).  Wounded at Gravelly Run, Virginia (gunshot of neck), 31 March 1865, and discharged 2 June 1865.

John C. Saltzer.  [File: CW#S012].  Also known as John C. Soltzer, John G. Slotzer, and various combinations of the same.

Jonas Swab.  [File: CW#S354].  Also known as Jonas Schwab and Jonas Swabe.

Daniel W. Tobias.  [File: CW#T030].  Moved to Illinois after the Civil War.

Edmund Umholtz.  [File: CW#U032].  Also known as Edmon Umholtz, Edmun Umholtz, Edmond Umholtz, Edmund Lloyd Umholtz, and various combinations of the same.

Isaac Umholtz.  [File: CW#U036].  Additional service in 127th Pennsylvania Infantry.  Killed at Five Forks, Virginia, 1 April 1865.

Josiah Umholtz.  [File: CW#U039].  Additional service in 177th Pennsylvania Infantry.  Wounded on 31 March 1865 at Gravelly Run, Virginia.

John A. Warner.  [File:  CW#W040].  Immigrant from Germany.  Also known as John A. Werner and John A. Wearner.

Joseph F. Yeager.  [File: CW#Y005].  Also known as Joseph F. Yerger.  Additional service in 6th Pennsylvania Infantry (Emergency of 1862) and 26th Pennsylvania Infantry (Emergency of 1863).  Moved to Iowa after the Civil War.

Samuel A. Zimmerman.  [File: CW#Z037].  Also known as S. A. Zimmerman.


Additional information is sought on each of the above veterans.  File status (number and nature of items in the digital files) can be obtained by sending an e-mail to the Civil War Research Project.

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One Response to “They Served Honorably in Company H, 210th Pennsylvania Infantry”

  1. Lynda Salada Kerr says:

    Cyrus E Salada is my great grandfather. On his Declaration for Original Pension of an Invalid, dated Jan 2, 1888, which I have a copy, he declares that when he was a private with the 6th PA Reserves, 35th PA Infantry Regiment, Co. B: “At the battle of Gettysburg on the 2nd day of July 1863, a ball entered the side of my neck and came out on my back, while I was in a shooting position. The back side of my neck is entirely dead and my left arm is weak from the effect of the wound. I can not do heavy work. I had lost the use of my shoulder for five months. I was in the Hospital at Chestnut Hill nearly 11 months, and did not engage into the lines of my duty since said July 2 until discharged. I was discharged with the regiment.”
    On records I received from the War Department, Adjutant General’s Office, dated Aug 6, 1888, it states Cyrus on July 3, 1863, Cyrus was wounded at Gettysburg and send to General Hospital.

    On Aug. 23, 1864 Cyrus again volunteered and was mustered into service as a Sergeant Aug 23, 1864 with Company H, 210th PA. War Department, Adjutant General Office record dated Aug 6, 1888 states Cyrus E. Salada “was wounded at the battle of Gravelly Run, VA on March 31, 1865 and was in General Hospital Regiment until general discharge June 1, 1865. Location of wound and any additional information not on file.”

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