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Riegel Family Veterans of Pennsylvania Civil War Regiments (Part 5 of 7)

Posted By on October 12, 2012

Part 5 of 7.  In a prior post, one branch of the Riegel family’s origins in America was presented – that of Mattheis Riegell (born about 1615) of Bad Muenster, Palatinate, Germany, who married Maria Werner.  They had a son, Jost Riegell (1615-1687) who married Maria Honen (or Hoenen).  Their son, Cornelius Riegel (1674-175) was the immigrant who arrived in Philadelphia in 1733, with his wife Anna Gertrude Ehrmann, and their family.  Two of the sons of Cornelius and Anna Gertrude had preceded the family by arriving in Philadelphia in 1732.

From Philadelphia, the members of this family migrated first to Berks County and later westward, with many of the descendants ending up in the Lykens Valley while others went to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa.

During the Civil War, more than 100 different men with the Riegel surname (or some variation of the name) served in Pennsylvania regiments.  Some of these men will be presented in this and future posts.  For many, the connection has already been made to the line of Matheis Riegel.  For others, very little is known.  It is hoped that readers will help complete the stories and genealogies of each of the men named Riegel.


Continued from yesterday.


Martin A. Riggle (1842-1863).  31st Pennsylvania Infantry (2nd Reserves), Company F, Private.  Mustered in about 1862 (exact date not in records),  Wounded at Gettysburg, 3 July 1863.  Died of wounds received at Gettysburg, probably in a Philadelphia hospital, 19 August 1863.  Buried Asbury United Methodist Cemetery, Altoona, Blair County, Pennsylvania.  His mother, Elizabeth Smith, applied for a survivor’s pension.


Martin I. Reagle (c. 1845- ?).  5th Pennsylvania Infantry (Emergency of 1862), Company A, Private.  Mustered into service at Harrisburg, September 1862 and discharged when no longer needed for the emergency, 25 September 1862.


Michael Reigle (c. 1831-1901).  2nd Pennsylvania Artillery (Heavy Artillery), Battalion A, Private.  Michael was born in Bavaria and was a mechanic by trade.  He stood 5′ 6.5″ tall, had a dark complexion, brown eyes and dark hair.  He was mustered into service at Philadelphia, 26 December 1861.  On 28 December 1863, he re-enlisted at Washington, D.C..  On 1 July 1865, he was promoted to the rank of Corporal.  On 29 January 1866, he was discharged from service.  His wife’s name was Anna.


Mitchell Reigle (1840-c. 1926).  Also known as Mitchell Todd Reigel, Michael, Moses, and other combinations and variations of the name.   46th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company D, Private.  Mitchell, a brick maker by trade, resided in West Hanover Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, when he enrolled at Harrisburg and was mustered into service on 31 October 1861 at Muddy Branch, Maryland.  He was 5’6.5″ tall, had brown hair, blue eyes, and fair complexion.  He served until his discharge, which occurred on 16 July 1865.  At his muster out, he owed $6 for an “ordinance fine.”  Mitchell had a brother William Reigle, who also served in the Civil War.  Mitchell Reigle married a woman named Mary Ann who survived him an collected a widow’s pension.  He is buried in the Paxtang Cemetery, Paxtang, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.


Moses L. Reigle (c. 1841-c. 1925).  In one record, he is found simply as “Rigl.”  20th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company B, Private.  Mustered into service, first as “unassigned company” on 265 January 1864, then assigned to Company B.  This regiment was also known as the 1st Pennsylvania Provisional Cavalry.  He mustered out on 13 July 1865.  Post-Civil War army records show that he also served three years from July 1866 through July 1869 in the 11th U.S. Infantry, Company B.  His wife’s name was Susanne.  At the 1890 census, he declared a disability, an injury to the head, that resulted from his Civil War service.


Obediah J. Reigle

Obediah J. Reigle (1829-1891).  Also known as “Obed,” and with surname spellings as Riegle, Riegel, and Reigel.  He was a 1st cousin of Harrison Riegle of Lykens Township and his genealogy is found in Dr. Samuel Riegel‘s history, page 2-114.  177th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company I, Private.  Obediah was drafted and mustered in on 2 November 1862.  He was discharged the same day on a Surgeon’s Certificate of Disability.  See prior post, click here.  During the Emergency of 1863, he served in the 26th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company D, as a Private, in July 1863.  At the end of the war, Obed enlisted in the 103rd Pennsylvania Infantry, Company G, and served as a Sergeant.  The picture (above) shows him in his sergeant’s uniform and was contributed by a family member.  His wife’s name was Mary Ann.


Oliver N. Reigle (c. 1833-?).  128th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company F, Private.  Oliver was from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and was mustered in at Harrisburg, 15 August 1862.  On 1 Ocotber 1862, he was promoted to the rank of Corporal.  He was mustered out on 19 May 1863.  He married a woman named Mary.


Peter S. Reigle (c. 1835- ?).  Also found as Riegle.  172nd Pennsylvania Infantry, Company I, Sergeant.  Drafted at Harrisburg and mustered in on 28 October 1862.  Mustered out on 1 August 1863.  Wife’s name:  Catherine.  She survived him and applied for his pension, but it was not awarded to her.


Peter Reiggle (c. 1845-1914).  Also known as Riegle and Riggle.  207th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company C, Private and later Corporal.  He enrolled at Harrisburg and was mustered in at Camp Curtin on 31 August 1864.  Military records say he was “unaccounted for” on 31 May 1865, but later records indicate he died in Glen Union, Pennsylvania, in 1914.


Reuben Riggle (c. 1847- ?).  Believed to be the same person as Reuben S. Riegle97th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company E, Private.  Mustered in on 28 February 1865 at Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania, and mustered out on 28 August 1865.


Samuel Reigle

Samuel E. Reigle (1842-1917).  Found also as Riegel and Riegle.  Found in Dr. Samuel Riegel‘s history as a cousin of Harrison Riegle of Lykens Township, p. 2-101.  192nd Pennsylvania Infantry, Company C, Private.  Mustered in on 10 February 1865 and mustered out on 24 August 1865.  Also possibly had prior service in one of the militia regiments in 1863, but this has not been confirmed.  According to Dr. Samuel Riegel, Samuel’s father was a Captain in the militia, probably prior to the Civil War.  Samuel married Sarah Cassel.  In 1888, their son was killed in a railroad accident.  Samuel Reigle is buried at Chambers Hill Cemetery, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  The grave marker photo is from Ancestry.com.


Samuel H. Reigle (dates unknown).  Found in the 1890 Veterans’ Census for Tinicum, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Service claimed in the 104th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company not stated, Private.  No dates given or length of service noted.  He has not been found in the records of the 104th Pennsylvania Infantry.


Samuel Reagle

Samuel Reagle (1836-1900).  A farmer, and a resident of Northampton County, Samuel Reagle enrolled in the 153rd Pennsylvania Infantry, Company G, as a Private, at Mt. Bethel, Pennsylvania, and was mustered in at Harrisburg on 10 October 1862.  On 15 January 1863, he was promoted to Corporal from the ranks.  He was mustered out on 24 July 1863.  Samuel married Margaret Reimel.  She survived him and claimed his pension.  He is buried at Christ Reformed Church Cemetery, Centreville, Stone Church, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.  The photo of his grave marker is from Ancestry.com.


Samuel M. Reigle (c. 1830- ?).  Also found as Riegle, Reigel, and Riegel.  47th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company C, Private.  He enrolled at Sunbury, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, and was mustered into service at Harrisburg, 2 September 1861.  He re-enlisted on 12 October 1863.  On 9 October 1865, he was discharged on a Surgeon’s Certificate of Disability.  At the time of his initial enlistment, he was a farmer living in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania.


Samuel A. Reigle (dates unknown), also known as Riegle, served in the 39th Pennsylvania Infantry (Emergency of 1863), Company E, as a Private, from July 1863 through 2 August 1863.


Samuel Riggle (c. 1846-1932).  14th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company K, Private.  enrolled at New Brighton, Pennsylvania, 29 February 1864.  On 31 July 1865 he transferred to Company B.  He was mustered out of service on 24 August 1865.  Pension Index Card records show an alias of Samuel Manning was used by Samuel Riggle who also served in the 1st West Virginia Light Artillery, dates unknown.


Simon R. Riegle

Simon R. Riegle (1823-1864).  Also found as Reigle, Riegel, and Reigel.  50th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company A, Private.  Simon was the 1st cousin of Harrison Riegle of Lykens Township and can be found in the genealogy-history by Dr. Samuel Reigel, page 2-108.  Muster in was in Schylkill County, Pennsylvania on 29 February 1864.  He was killed in the Wilderness, Virginia, at the Battle of Ny River, 9 May 1864 and is buried in Fredericksburg National Cemetery, Fredericksburg, Virginia.  He was married to Mary Lesher.  The grave photo is from Ancestry.com.


Solomon Riegel (c. 1839- ?).  Also in records as Riegle.  176th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company I, Private.  Enrolled at Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, and mustered in on 8 November 1862.  Discharged by Special order on 25 November 1862.


Continued Wednesday, 17 October 2012.  For a list of all posts in this series, click here.

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  1. Pamela Johnston says:

    Samuel Riegel of the 47th Pennsylvania is my great great grandfather. He moved to Michigan after the Civil War.

  2. Kelly Reigel says:

    I have Moses Reigel’s official papers from the Adjutant Generals Office, Harrisburg Oct 18th 1888. The above information is correct, he was honorable discharged at Clouds Mill Va. I also have a union cap with 116 on the front of it, I was wonder how this was related to the Reigel’s?

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