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History of the 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry

Posted By on June 24, 2011

In 1905, at the request of the Regimental History Committee of the 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry Association, a history of the regiment was compiled and published.  The was entitled History of the Third Pennsylvania Cavalry (Sixtieth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers) in the American Civil War, 1861-1865. The book has long been out of print but is now available as a free download through Google Books.

The book is filled with portraits of the many officers who served the 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry.

The following chapters are presented:

Foreword.  p. xxv.

Introduction.  p. xxix.

I. The Outbreak of the American Civil War.  p. 1-4.

II. Organization of the Kentucky Light Cavalry Regiment.  p. 5-16.

III. The Regiment Reorganized into the Third Pennsylvania Cavalry.  p. 17-31.

IV. The Advance to Manassas – The Change of Base to the Virginia Peninsula.  p. 32-43.

V. The Peninsular Campaign.  p. 44-54.

VI. “With the Cavalry on the Peninsula.”  p. 55-66.

VII. The Peninsular Campaign, Continued.  p. 67-94.

VIII. The Peninsular Campaign, Continued.  p. 95-113.

IX. The Antietam Campaign.  p. 114-129.

X. After Antietam.  p. 130-142.

XI. Return to Virginia and the Rappahannock.  p. 143-156.

XII. Winter of 1862-1863 on Potomac Creek.  p. 157-182.

XIII. Winter of 1862-1863 on Potomac Creek.  p. 183-196.

XIV.  The First Cavalry Battle of the Civil War —- Kelly’s Ford, Virginia.  p. 197-224.

XV. Winter of 1862-63 on Potomac Creek, Continued.  p. 225-239.

XVI. The Gettysburg Campaign.  p. 240-260.

XVII. The Second Cavalry Division in the Gettysburg Campaign.  p. 261-291.

XVIII. The Third Pennsylvania Cavalry at Gettysburg.  p. 292-302.

XIX.  The Gettysburg Campaign, Continued.  p. 303-320.

XX. Movements After the Battle of Gettysburg.  p. 321-324.

XXI. Picketing and Scouting in Mosby’s Confederacy. p. 325-333.

XXII. The Campaign of Maneuvers.  p. 334-361.

XXIII. The Mine Run Campaign.  p. 362-381.

XXIV.  Winter of 1863-64 in Camp at Warrenton, Virginia.  p. 382-406.

XXV.  Winter of 1863-64, Continued.  p. 407-413.

XXVI. The Overland Campaign from the Rapidan to the James.  p. 414-436.

XXVII. Siege of Petersburg Begun.  p. 437-452.

XXVIII. Siege of Petersburg, Continued.  p. 453-463.

XXIX. Siege of Petersburg, Continued.  p. 464-481.

XXX. Fall of Petersburg, Lee’s Surrender at Appomattox Court House.  p. 482-493.

XXXI.  After Appomattox.  p. 494-509.

XXXII. The End.  p. 510-513.

Appendix (includes incomplete regimental roll of officers and enlisted men).  p. 515

Click here and follow the instructions for a free download.  To download the book, use the pull-down “Download” on the top-right side of the page, choose PDF, and then follow the screens to open the PDF file.  Save the file to your computer.

Woodcut from the Book

Men from the Lykens Valley area who have been identified as having served in the 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry are:

William Bainbridge —- Calvin W. Brown —- James David Cox —- William Devine —- Dalles David Ditty —- Lewis F. Hummel —- Edward W. Klinger —- George A. Krise —- David Benjamin Nace

Information is sought on any of the above men as well as any others who should be included in the Civil War Research Project.



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