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Rev. Uriah Gambler – Served Churches in Elizabethville, Berrysburg & Tower City

| December 20, 2015

Originally, the name of Uriah Gambler was added to the Civil War Project as a result of his name being found in the Berrysburg, Dauphin County, Veterans’ Census of 1890.  After researching him further and his grave and obituary located, it was found that he was born in Berks County, that he was a United […]

A Brief History of the Kissinger G.A.R. Post #376 at Gratz

| December 14, 2015

Gratz is a small community in Upper Dauphin County that in 1883 formed a local G.A.R. post.  Much of the history of that post has been lost over time and now needs to be re-created through available resources, among those resources, the Harrisburg and other archived newspapers and the national Grand Army of the Republic […]

Some Connections to Abraham Lincoln – Really?

| August 3, 2015

As obituaries and death notices appeared in the Harrisburg newspapers in the late 19th century and early 20th century, readers surely noticed the unusual number of references to associations of the decedents to Abraham Lincoln.  How many of the claims were true?  If any blog readers have any evidence to support any of the claims […]

Obituaries of Civil War Era Women, 1914

| June 22, 2015

The following are obituaries of some Civil War era women: ——————————- From the Harrisburg Patriot, 2 March 1914: OLDEST WOMAN OF COUNTY DIES, 104 Mrs. Elizabeth Sharon, Steelton, Succumbs to Old Age Debilities HAD REMARKABLE RECORD Mrs. Elizabeth Sharon, probably the county’s oldest resident, died Saturday evening about 8 o’clock, at the residence of her […]

Obituaries of Civil War Era Women, 1913

| June 19, 2015

The following are obituaries of some Civil War era women: ——————————— From the Harrisburg Patriot, 19 February 1913: NEWSPAPER WOMAN DEAD By Associated Press to The Patriot Washington, 18 February 1913 — With the funeral tomorrow of Miss Emmaline C. Upham, who died yesterday, aged 79 years, will pass one of the best known newspaper […]