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Henry H. Huntzinger – Militiaman Buried at Hegins?

| May 24, 2016

Henry Harrison Huntzinger is buried at Frieden’s Union Cemetery, Hegins, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, with his wife Amanda [Erdman] Huntzinger.   Is this is the same Henry H. Huntzinger who served in the 6th Pennsylvania Infantry (Emergency of 1862), Headquarters, as 2nd Lieutenant and Adjutant of this militia regiment?  At the time the photograph of his grave […]

The Shamokin Soldiers’ Circle – Photographs 80 – 92

| April 8, 2014

Today’s post on the Shamokin Cemetery’s Soldiers’ Circle features thirteen graves in the second circle, first quadrant, beginning with photograph 80.  The photographs in this segment are numbered 80 through 92.  All of the stones in this section are sequenced in the order of the death of the veteran.  For each of the veterans, the […]

Obituary of George S. Klinger from West Schuylkill Herald

| October 15, 2013

The obituary of George S. Klinger appeared in the West Schuylkill Herald, 9 February 1906, and included a summary of his military record: George S. Klinger On Wednesday noon 31 January 1906, George S. Klinger one of Gratz’s highly honored citizens and one of our country’s defenders departed this life and was mustered into eternity.  […]

The Hegins Draft Riot

| July 5, 2013

Nestled in the upper end of the Lykens Valley, Hegins was a sleepy, little farming community in the spring of 1863. The war had taken many of its men off to war, leaving behind families struggling to support their farms. Then there was those men who stayed behind, for one reason or another. Among these […]

Additions to Veterans’ List – W, Y and Z

| June 14, 2013

Veterans of the Civil War identified as having some connection to the Lykens Valley area and included in the Civil War Research Project was last updated 19 April 2012.  In a series of posts continuing intermittently until concluding in mid-June, a brief sketch of each of the new names added since then will be presented.  […]