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Who Was Henry Garmer of Hebe?

| January 18, 2016

On Line No. 4 of the 1890 Veterans’ Census for Hebe, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania (above, from Ancestry.com, click on document to enlarge), there appears the name of Henry Garmer (or Henry Germer) who claimed service as an “Unassigned” soldier, a recruit, in the 3rd Pennsylvania Infantry, from 17 September 1864 through 1 November 1865.  No […]

A Brief History of the Kissinger G.A.R. Post #376 at Gratz

| December 14, 2015

Gratz is a small community in Upper Dauphin County that in 1883 formed a local G.A.R. post.  Much of the history of that post has been lost over time and now needs to be re-created through available resources, among those resources, the Harrisburg and other archived newspapers and the national Grand Army of the Republic […]

Who Was Mary A. Bowman-Zerbe?

| June 18, 2014

In researching the military records of William F. Bowman (1838-1870), it was discovered that he did not apply for a pension, but a widow did apply.  She was Mary A. Bowman and she made application on 30 January 1880, nearly ten years after William died.  She did not receive a pension based on the service […]

From Our Files – Local Historian Ned Weaver Speaks to Group

| October 9, 2012

The following article was found in the Gratz Historical Society files about a program Ned Weaver presented in the 1990s.  The photographs that appeared with the article are in the Civil War collection of the Gratz Historical Society and are re-produced for this post from the originals. Gratz Historical Society Learns of Local Civil War […]

Pvt. Sinnary Bohner – 27th Michigan Sharpshooters

| April 1, 2011

Sinnary Bohner (1844-1930), was born near Hebe in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, the son of Jacob Bohner (1814-1876) and Salome [Brosius] Bohner (1813-1878).   When Sinnary was a teenager, his family moved to Ohio, where Jacob was a farmer and his sons Adam, Edward, Sinnary, and Zachariah were working as farm laborers. Sinnary, was only 17 […]