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A Brief History of the B. F. Miller G.A.R. Post #393 at Fisherville

| November 30, 2015

Fisherville is a small community in Upper Dauphin County, near Halifax Borough, that in 1883 formed a local G.A.R. post.  Much of the history of that post has been lost over time and now needs to be re-created through available resources, among those resources, the Harrisburg and other archived newspapers and the national Grand Army […]

Additions to Veterans’ List – H

| May 28, 2013

Veterans of the Civil War identified as having some connection to the Lykens Valley area and included in the Civil War Research Project was last updated 19 April 2012.  In a series of posts continuing intermittently until concluding in mid-June, a brief sketch of each of the new names added since then will be presented.  […]

John A. Sipe – Tailor of Herndon

| November 30, 2012

In a section describing John A. Sipe, found in the Genealogical and Biographical Annals of Northumberland County Pennsylvania  (1911), no less than ten Civil War veterans are mentioned in his extended family.  John A. Sipe was a merchant tailor who had a post-Civil War business that centered in Herndon, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, but operated in […]

And the Band Played On….

| June 8, 2011

Returning Civil War veterans, undoubtedly impressed with the pomp and music provided by regimental or brigade bands during their wartime experience, brought the experience home with them.  There was a rapid growth of town and village bands in the post-war period. There is an account of an early band in Gratz in 1856, the Umholtz […]

Pvt. Sinnary Bohner – 27th Michigan Sharpshooters

| April 1, 2011

Sinnary Bohner (1844-1930), was born near Hebe in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, the son of Jacob Bohner (1814-1876) and Salome [Brosius] Bohner (1813-1878).   When Sinnary was a teenager, his family moved to Ohio, where Jacob was a farmer and his sons Adam, Edward, Sinnary, and Zachariah were working as farm laborers. Sinnary, was only 17 […]