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Carsonville Veteran Helps Rescue Traveler, 1905

| September 25, 2017

  From the pages of the Elizabethville Echo of 9 February 1905, comes the following story of a rescue from the snow of a numb traveler in the area of Carsonville, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  One of those included in the rescue was William Snyder, a Civil War veteran of Carsonville, who opened his home to […]

Lykens Valley Ku Klux Klan Events Needing Further Research

| August 25, 2017

Today’s post presents some events involving the Ku Klux Klan that were reported in the Elizabethville Echo.  Each event needs further research. The post is a continuation of the reporting on hate groups that were active in the Lykens Valley area in the years following the Civil War.  It was a widely known fact that […]

Alexander McLaughlin of Elizabethville and Carsonville

| January 9, 2015

CARSONVILLE MERCHANT DIES OF APOPLEXY Elizabethville, 19 July 1917 —Alexander McLaughlin, a Civil War veteran who for many years conducted the general store and post office at Carsonville, died at his home here this afternoon at 4:30 p.m., following a stroke of paralysis. He was 76 years of age.  He is survived by three sons, […]

Dauphin County Church Records Available at Schwalm Library in Gratz

| May 11, 2013

The Gratz Historical Society has a collection of compiled and original copies of records from most of the churches in the Lykens Valley area.  One of the most useful sets of book is the nine-volume edition of Dauphin County Church Records. These volumes contain a variety of records for the indicated churches, including birth and […]

2012 Additions to Civil War Veterans List – A to C

| April 20, 2012

Veterans of the Civil War identified as having some connection to the Lykens Valley area and included in the Civil War Research Project was updated 19 April 2012.  In a series of post beginning today and continuing intermittently for eight posts until concluding at the end of this month, a brief sketch of each of […]