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William T. Harley – Driver for Gov. Curtin, War Veteran & Barber

| February 18, 2015

The obituary of Billy Harley appeared in the Harrisburg Patriot on 6 August 1904: DEATH TOOK OLD DRIVER FOR GOVERNOR CURTIN Special Despatch to the Patriot Middletown, Pennsylvania — 4 August 1904  William T. Harley, a picturesque character of this place and a veteran of the Civil War and at one time driver for the […]

Civil War Officer Commission – Daniel Chester – Discovery and Restoration of a Document

| December 3, 2013

In a shoebox filled with old receipts, letters and other ephemera a rather beat-up Civil War commission for the rank of First Lieutenant was found – for none other than Daniel Chester, believed to be the namesake of the G.A.R. Post at Williamstown, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  The document was discovered in  four large pieces and […]

Obituary of Francis Wyeth of Harrisburg – Hospital Commissioner During Civil War

| November 21, 2013

The obituary of Francis Wyeth of Harrisburg appeared in the Harrisburg Patriot on 3 July 1893.  The second Mrs. Wyeth, who survived him, was the sister of Ann Ellen Carson who was the widow of Theodore Gratz, the first mayor of Gratz, Pennsylvania, and the mother of John Carson Gratz, who died during the Civil […]

Henry S. Huidekoper – Medal of Honor Recipient and Advocate for Veterans

| September 26, 2013

    On the day of the armistice ending World War I, 11 November 1918, there appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer the announcement of the death of Gen. Henry Shippen Huidekoper: Death of General Huidekoper General Huidekoper was perhaps the senior surviving officer of those who fought on either side at Gettysburg 55 years ago. […]

Henry O. Witman – Physician and Citizen Soldier of Halifax

| February 17, 2013

Dr. Henry O. Witman, a physician who spent time working with his father, a medical doctor in Halifax, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, saw service during the Civil War in two militia regiments that were called up by Governor Andrew Curtin to meet state emergencies, first in September 1862, and second in July 1863.  This “citizen soldier” […]