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Why Are There Ku Klux Klan Uniforms in Gratz?

| May 28, 2014

Displayed on the second floor of the Gratz Historical Society Museum is an offensive exhibit that has been the object of many complaints from visitors and volunteers over the years of its existence.  Three Gratz area Ku Klux Klan uniforms are displayed at the side of a doorway.  Displaying Ku Klux Klan “regalia” is not […]

The Shamokin Soldiers’ Circle – Photographs 80 – 92

| April 8, 2014

Today’s post on the Shamokin Cemetery’s Soldiers’ Circle features thirteen graves in the second circle, first quadrant, beginning with photograph 80.  The photographs in this segment are numbered 80 through 92.  All of the stones in this section are sequenced in the order of the death of the veteran.  For each of the veterans, the […]

Crimes Committed on and by Returning Soldiers (Part 1 of 3)

| February 13, 2014

As soldiers were released from military service in 1865, they flooded into the three major discharge points in Pennsylvania:  Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh.  Frequently, these soldiers were the victims of local residents who sought to “relieve” them of their discharge money; sometimes the soldiers were themselves the perpetrators of crimes against the residents of these […]

Simon C. Gratz – Son of First Mayor of Gratz, Pennsylvania

| September 13, 2013

Additional information has been discovered about Simon C. Gratz, the son of Theodore Gratz and Ellen [Carson] Gratz of Gratz, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  Simon C. Gratz was the brother of John C. Gratz of the 10th Pennsylvania Infantry and the 96th Pennsylvania Infantry, who died of disease during the Civil War.  They were the grandsons […]

African American Population of the Lykens Valley Area, 1860

| May 25, 2013

The African American population as reported in the 1860 Census for selected areas of the Lykens Valley area is presented in today’s blog post. In 1860, African Americans were enumerated in two “free” categories:  (1) Black; and (2) Mulatto.  These categories were combined in a category called “Total Free Colored.” African Americans were not found […]