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The Yeager Family in the Civil War (Part 10) – Capt. Frederick M. Yeager

| June 24, 2015

  In 1912, the Hon. James Martin Yeager wrote and published A Brief History of the Yeager, Buffington, Creighton, Jacobs, Lemon, Hoffman and Woodside Families and Their Collateral Kindred of Pennsylvania.  Yeager was formerly the President of Drew Seminary for Young Women of Carmel, New York as well as a former Member of the House […]

Mary Kilraine of Williamstown – Civil War Laundress

| June 4, 2015

A brief story telling of the funeral of a Williamstown, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania woman, Mary Kilraine, appeared in the Harrisburg Patriot on 1 August 1905: G.A.R. HONORS FOR WOMAN By Associated Press to The Patriot Williamstown, 21 July 1905 — Mrs. Patrick Comiskey, who died on Wednesday, after a long illness, was buried in the […]

Emily E. Woodley – Civil War Nurse and Army Captain

| May 27, 2015

Emily E. [Lansbury] Woodley was born in Philadelphia on 26 May 1835, the daughter of Jeremiah Lansbury and Eliza [Reed] Lansbury.   She died in Philadelphia on 15 May 1908 and is buried in the Fernwood Cemetery, Fernwood, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Her obituary appeared in the Harrisburg Patriot on 16 May 1908: ONLY WOMAN ARMY […]

The 150th Anniversary of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln – The Lincoln Flag Hoax

| April 14, 2015

  Today marks the 150th Anniversary of one of the great tragedies in American history – the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  This post summarizes the conclusions of nearly twenty years of personal research on one of the so-called artifacts of that assassination – a 36-star American flag said to be placed under Lincoln’s head in […]

Philatelic Commemorations of the Lincoln Assassination

| February 23, 2015

The first postal commemoration of the death of Abraham Lincoln was a black, fifteen cent stamp issued on the first anniversary of the assassination, April 1866.  That stamp was described in a previous blog post entitled Early Postage Stamps Honoring Abraham Lincoln. Beginning with the Civil War Centennial, 1961-1965, there was an increase in the […]