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William Romberger – Drowned in Susquehanna River Near Harrisburg, 1862

William Romberger was born some time between June 1827 and May 1828 in Lykens Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, the son of Jacob Romberger (1806-1864) and Margaretha Rebecca [Conrad] Romberger (1810-1878).  It is believed that he died about 22 November 1862 by drowning in the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg.  Supposedly his intention in leaving Camp Curtin […]

Grandson of Thomas Umberger Guards Inheritance but is Arrested

A brief item in the Harrisburg Telegraph of 20 November 1913 noted the following: Dalmatia — Thomas Umberger, 78 years old, a well-known farmer and veteran of the Civil War, died very suddenly of apoplexy on Monday night.  He is survived by one daughter. Thomas Umberger died on 17 November 1913.  He was born 4 […]

What Was the War Service of Aaron Snyder?

The name Aaron Snyder appears on the Millersburg Soldier Monument.  Who was he and what was his Civil War service? In 1890, the widow Catherine Snyder, living in Harrisburg, reported that her deceased husband, Aaron Snyder, had served in the Civil War, but she did not name a regiment, company, or dates of service.  Subsequent […]

Daniel B. Oberholzer – Artist of Elizabethville & Carpenter of Millersburg

The name Daniel Oberholtzer appears on the plaque on the Millersburg Soldier Monument, Millersburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  In researching him, several surprising facts were uncovered. According to information found on Ancestry.com and elsewhere, Daniel Oberholtzer (or Daniel Oberholzer is he is sometimes found in the records), was born on 2 June 1838 in Pennsylvania, the […]

Best of 2016 – Sarah Klinger – Civil War Widow Bludgeoned to Death in 1906

Through the pages of newspapers of the time, this horrendous murder story will be told.  Sarah Ann [Reed] Klinger, a widow of a Civil War veteran and a pensioner, was brutally murdered in her home near Shamokin, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, on 21 November 1906. Jacob Klinger was born on 3 April 1843 in Lower Mahantongo […]