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The Charter of the Kilpatrick G.A.R. Post of Millersburg

| March 2, 2014

The original charter of the Kilpatrick Post No. 212, G.A.R., is on display of the Historical Society of Millersburg and Upper Paxton Township at its museum in Millersburg, Pennsylvania (upper right). The above-shown display case contains many original Civil War related-items as well as reproductions including photographs of Civil War veterans.  The photographs at center-left […]

G.A.R. Soldiers’ Circle at Shamokin Cemetery

| February 15, 2014

The Shamokin Cemetery is located at the intersection of South Anthracite Street and West High Street in Shamokin, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  Within the cemetery there is a monument to the men who died in the Civil War.  There is no direct path or road to the monument from South Anthracite Street and West High Street, […]

The Oak Hill Cemetery List of Millersburg Civil War Veterans

| February 11, 2014

A newly-discovered list of supposed Civil War veterans who are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Millersburg is featured in this post.  This one-page list has 114 names, many of which are not included on the Millersburg Soldier Monument. There is no indication on the list itself as to the compiler. However, the single page […]

Eleven Civil War Dead of Millersburg

| February 9, 2014

“One hundred twenty six men from Millersburg served in the war, some for more than a one-year enlistment.  Of those 126 men, 11 died.”  This statement is found on page 41 of the book, A Celebration of Millersburg’s Bicentennial, edited by Nancy L. Wert and Edwin D. Schlegel, and published in 2007. The number of […]

The Henry Keiser Diary – Furlough, Marriage, Return to the Front

| February 7, 2014

According to the history of the 96th Pennsylvania Infantry, the following was undertaken by the regiment during the winter months of 1863-1864: The command went into camp near the confluence of the Aestham with the Rappahannock, and with the exception of the movement to Mine Run, and in support of the cavalry in the reconnaissance […]