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Fatal Mine Accidents at Short Mountain Colliery, 1878-1903

| April 29, 2016

Some time after 1903, the Lykens Standard responded to a request to print a list of all mine-related fatalities at the Short Mountain Colliery, Lykens, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  Many of the men named in the fatalities list were Civil War veterans or were the sons of Civil War veterans.  The list is presented below for […]

Update on Hiram Groff – Captured at Gettysburg, Then Parolled

| April 28, 2016

On 4 November 2014, a post entitled “The Groff Brothers?  Hiram, Valentine and William,” was presented here.  Some questions were asked in that post and readers were asked to submit additional information about the men named Groff.  Note:  A prior post also discussed “Israel M. Groff and Sons – All Civil War Veterans?” The following […]

Heister Clymer – White Supremacist Candidate for Governor, 1866

| April 26, 2016

Hiester Clymer (1827- 12 June 1884), a member of the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania, was a State Senator who was opposed to Lincoln and his prosecution of the Civil War.  In 1866 he ran for Governor and strongly espoused white supremacist policies. His opponent was Union General John W. Geary. According to Heister Clymer’s Wikipedia […]

Marks Hornet – African American Soldier from Elizabethville

| April 22, 2016

In the 1860 Census of Washington Township, (Post Office Elizabethville), Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, there appears a family identified in the “Color” column as “m” for Mulatto.  The head of the family was Marks Hornet, a 38 year-old laborer.  He indicated to the census that he was born in Pennsylvania, that did not own any real […]

Daniel Hoy of Tremont – 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry

| April 21, 2016

A brief notice appeared in the Pine Grove news column of the Lebanon Semi-Weekly News, 26 April 1926: The late Daniel Hoy, whose remains were interred in the Ravine Cemetery, is survived by 59 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren. The notice failed to mention that Daniel Hoy was a Civil War veteran. However, his grave is […]