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Rev. V. H. Berghaus – Defender of Harrisburg, Builder of Lykens Church

| December 22, 2014

The obituary of Rev. Valentine H. Berghaus appeared in the Harrisburg Patriot on 23 March 1910.  Although he did not officially serve in a Civil War regiment, he volunteered as a youth when he believed his home town was in danger.  Later, after receiving his education at Princeton and his ordination, he organized his first […]

Erastus B. Hoffman – Harrisburg Alderman with Roots in Berrysburg

| December 21, 2014

The obituary of Erastus B. Hoffman, found in the Harrisburg Patriot of 8 December 1921, has verified another name for the ever-growing list of Civil War veterans with connections to the Lykens Valley area of Pennsylvania. FUNERAL TODAY FOR ERASTUS HOFFMAN Alderman of Fifth Ward Died Monday in University of Pennsylvania Hospital Following Operation Funeral […]

Robert H. Sinex – Present at Lincoln Assassination & Booth Capture

| December 19, 2014

Robert H. Sinex Jr. died on 17 November 1910 in Hazleton, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  A brief obituary of him appeared in the Harrisburg Patriot on 19 November 1910.  It contained the following interesting information: SAW LINCOLN ASSASSINATED Robert Sinex Also Took Part in The Capture of Booth. Haxleton, 18 November 1910 — Robert Sinex, a […]

William H. Moser – Old Veteran Walks 30 Miles to Reunion

| December 18, 2014

From the Harrisburg Patriot of 3 June 1910, we learn an interesting story of an old veteran of the Civil War: VETERAN’S REMARKABLE WALK. Man Who Served in Two Wars Made 30-Mile Trip Afoot. Shamokin, 3 June 1911 — Probably the most remarkable veteran who took part in the observance of Memorial Day in this […]

More Information on William C. Armor

| December 16, 2014

The obituary of William C. Armor (1842-1911) has been located in the Harrisburg Patriot of 14 August 1911.  The portrait above was included with the obituary and was attributed to the photographer “Roshon.”  Previously on this blog, a post entitled William C. Armor – Historian and Bookseller was presented.  This post adds the text of […]