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The Philadelphia Connection to Famous War Songs

| November 23, 2016

A number of the most stirring songs popular in the Civil War period originated in or were identified with Philadelphia.  One of the most prolific lyricists of the time was Sep Winner, who gave to the camps “The Arms of Abraham,” “Give Us Back Our Old Commander,” “Baxter’s March” and the “Zouave Quickstep.,” The author […]

The Most Mispronounced Words When Describing the Civil War

| October 31, 2016

There is a handy book for those who frequently discuss the Civil War and want to make sure that they are correctly pronouncing the names of people, places and battles associated with it.  Civil War Spoken Here, by Robert David Quigley, was published by C. W. Historicals of Collingswood, New Jersey, in 1993.  As the […]

The Civil War Poetry of Herman Melville

| September 9, 2016

Herman Melville was born in New York City on 1 August 1819.  His most famous work, Moby-Dick, was a novel that was published in 1851 and was based on his own experiences at sea in the 1840s.  But by 1857, he stopped writing fiction and turned to other endeavors.  His 1866, his first book of […]

Civil War Church Preserved Amid Tallest and Newest Buildings in Philadelphia

| December 9, 2015

This photo essay shows a Philadelphia Civil War-Era Church, the Arch Street Presbyterian Church, preserved and still used amid some of the tallest buildings in the United States and Pennsylvania. The Arch Street Presbyterian Church, located at the corner of 18th and Arch Streets in Philadelphia, is surrounded among what are currently the tallest building […]

Poems of the Civil War – Memorial Day 2015

| May 25, 2015

For Memorial Day, 2015 —   OVER THEIR GRAVES Henry Jerome Stockard (1858-1914) Over their graves rang once the bugle’s call, The searching shrapnel and the crashing ball; The shriek, the shock of battle, and the neigh Of horse; the cries of anguish and dismay; And the loud cannon’s thunders that appall. Now through the […]