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Baptisms at the Artz Church During the Civil War

Posted By on September 12, 2016


The St. Paul United Church of Christ is located in Sacramento, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.  It is also known as the “Artz Church.”    During the Civil War it was a union church serving both Lutheran and Reformed congregations.

A transcription of the church records, which cover the period from 1839 to 1912, was made in 1937 and deposited at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg in 1970 by the then-archivist, Pastor Frederick S. Weiser.  The records are currently available and name-searchable on Ancestry.com.

Civil War period records include baptisms and lists of communicants with dates of communion services.  Marriage and death records are limited to the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century.

The following is an extract of the baptisms conducted during the Civil War, 1861-1865.  Note:  Information is faithful to the spelling in the typed transcription.

Lussy Anna Klock.  Born 22 Dec 1860.   Bapt 3 Feb 1861.   Parents Jacob Klock and Matilda Klock.  Sponsor Elizabeth Arz.

Sarah Sevilla Runkel.  Born 11 Jan 1861.  Bapt 3 Mar 1861.  Parents Michael Runkel and Carolina Runkel.  Sponsors David Harner and Sarah Harner.

Jacob Schropp.  Born 17 Oct 1861 (possibly 1860).  Bapt 3 Mar 1861.  Parents John Schropp and Sarah Schropp.  Sponsors Andreas Schropp and Elisabeth Schropp.

Aboleona Artz.  Born 26 Dec 1860.   Bapt 3 Mar 1861. Parents John Artz and Elizabeth Artz.  Sponsors Parents.

Reily Gilbert.  Born 14 Mar 1861.  Bapt 23 Jun 1861.  Parents Jacob Gilbert and Elisabeth Gilbert.  Sponsors Parents.

Allen Morian.  Born 8 Aug 1861.  Bapt 13 Oct 1861.  Parents Jacob Morian and Maria Morian.  Sponsors Jacob Morian and Maria Morian.

City Anna Neu.  Born 11 Jun 1861.  Bapt 19 Oct 1861.  Parents Paul Neu and Lidia Neu.  Sponsors Philip Diedrich and Eva Diedrich.

Monroe Artz.  Born 21 Oct 1861. Bapt 1 Dec 1861.  Parents William Artz and Hannah Artz.  Sponsors Parents.

Emma Jane Maurer.  Born 3 Oct 1861.  Bapt 9 Mar 1862.  Parents George Maurer and Catharina Maurer.  Sponsors Parents.

Catharina Anna Herb.  Born 13 Mar 1862.  Bapt 26 Apr 1862.  Parents Daniel Herb and Eva Herb.  Sponsors Parents.

Kity Janne Carl.  Born 3 Mar 1862.  Bapt 27 Apr 1862.  Parents Elias Carl and Maria Carl.  Sponsors Parents.

Catharina Elisabetha Maurer.  Born 21 Mar 1862.  Bapt 22 Jun 1862.  Manasse Maurer and Elisabeth Maurer.  Sponsors John Hoffman and Hanna Hoffman.

Mary Anna Baum.  Born 7 Jul 1862.  Bapt 18 Aug 1862.  Parents Henry Baum and Maria Margaretha Baum.  Sponsors Parents.

Francas Seitz.  Born 11 Aug 1862.  Bapt 7 Sep —.  Parents Jacob Seitz and Emma Seitz.  Sponsors Parents.

Samuel Carl.  Born 1 Feb 1862. Bapt ——-.  Parents Phillip Carl and Loviena Carl.  Sponsors Parents.

Hellena Bixler.  Born 5 Mar 1863.  Bapt 11 Mar 1863.  Parents David Bixler and Anna Bixler.  Sponsor Elisabeth Herner.

Philip Monro Arz.  Born 24 Jan 1863.  Bapt 5 Apr 1863.  Parents Jonathan Arz and Elisabeth Arz.  Sponsors Parents.

James Monro Schropp.  Born 15 Mar 1863. Bapt 3 May 1863.  Parents Simon Schropp and Herrietta Schropp.  Sponsors Parents.

Henry Schropp.  Born 27 Jan 1863.  Bapt 3 May 1863.  John Schropp and Sarah Schropp.  Sponsors John Huber and Susanna Huber.

Jackson Monro Schwalm.  Born 7 Apr 1863.  Bapt 31 May 1863.  William Schwalm and Sarah Schwalm.  Sponsors Parents.

Reilly Diedrich.  Born 23 Feb 1863.  Bapt 31 May 1863.  Parents David Diedrich and Carolina Diedrich.  Sponsors Parents.

Andreas Jackson Maurer.  Born 11 May 1863.  Bapt 21 Jun 1863.  Parents George Maurer and Catharina Maurer.  Sponsors Parents.

Allfried Koppenhaver.  Born 17 Apr 1863.  Bapt 27 Jul 1863.  Parents Martin Koppenhaver and Sarah Koppenhaver.  Sponsors Parents.

Samuel Salzer.  Born 17 Jun 1863.  Bapt 27 Jul 1863.  Parents Henry Salzer and Hanna Wehry.  Sponsors Philip Carl and Lovina Carl.

Mary Alles Arz.  Born 28 Jul 1863.  Bapt 20 Sep 1863.  Parents Moshe Arz and Hanna Arz.  Sponsors Parents.

Noah Artz.  Born 4 Sep 1863.  Bapt 4 Oct 1863.  Parents William Artz and Hanna Artz.  Sponsors Parents.

Ellwood Schwalm.  Born 3 Aug 1863.  Bapt 18 Oct 1863.  Parents Peter Schwalm and Maria Schwalm.  Sponsors Johnnehson Wiliard and Catharina Wiliard.

Cittny (Sidney) Albert Deenger.  Born 14 Oct 1863.  Bapt 14 Nov 1863. Parents August Deenger and Ementha Deenger.  Sponsors Parents.

James Miller.  Born 20 Mar 1863.  Bapt 31 May 1863.  Parents Sam Miller and Catharina Miller. Sponsors Parents.

Dianna Salzer.  Born 20 Feb 1864.  Bapt 29 May 1864.  Parents Gabriel Salzer and Maria Salzer.  Sponsors Parents.

Fransis Eduard Harner.  Born 13 Jan 1864.  Bapt 14 Mar 1864.  Parents David Harner and Sarah Harner.  Sponsors Parents.

Cinary H. Wilson.  Born 15 Jan 1865.  Bapt 20 May 1865.  Parents Henry Wenzel and Barbara Wenzel.  Sponsors John Hoffman and Hannah Hoffman.

George Monroe Schwalm.  Born 20 Sep 1865.  Bapt 3 Dec 1865.  Parents Peter Schwalm and Maria Schwalm.  Sponsors Parents.

Lewis Miller.  Born 15 Oct 1865.  Bapt 31 Dec 1865.  Parents Sem Miller and Sarah Miller.  Sponsors Parents.

Charles Henry Herb.  Born 14 Dec 1865.  Bapt 25 Feb 1866.  Parents Daniel K. Herb and Eva Herb.  Sponsors Parents.



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