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William H. H. Sieg – Pennsylvania Wartime Secret Service Agent

| November 29, 2014

Not all those who served during the Civil War were members of the military.  In an obituary that appeared in the Harrisburg Patriot on 20 December 1916, the wartime record of William H. H. Sieg was given as “in the secret service under Governor Curtin.” Following a lingering illness, William H. H. Sieg, former postmaster […]

More on Fort Jackson

| November 28, 2014

Fort Jackson was on land of forty-one acres, fifty-five perches, in Gratz Borough, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, and was part of 350 acres of land owned by Solomon Laudenslager, who inherited it from his father Jacob Laudenslager who had received the original patent in 1807.  In 1862, a sheriff’s sale transferred ownership from Solomon Laudenslager to […]

Monuments at Gettysburg – 69th Pennsylvania Infantry

| November 27, 2014

The 69th Pennsylvania Infantry Monument at Gettysburg is located south of the town of Gettysburg, close to the Copse of Trees.  It was dedicated in 1887 by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The drawing of the monument (above) is from the Philadelphia Inquirer article describing the regimental histories and ceremonies that took place in 1889.  For […]

The Death of Isaac Umholtz at Five Forks, Virginia

| November 26, 2014

Isaac Umholtz of Gratz and Lykens Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, was only 17 years old when he enrolled in the 127th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company D, as a Private on 9 August 1862, although he claimed his age was 21.  His older brother Emanuel Umholtz stayed at home on the family farm helping the father, Samuel […]

Monuments at Gettysburg – 68th Pennsylvania Infantry

| November 25, 2014

The 68th Pennsylvania Infantry Monument at Gettysburg is located on Emmitsburg Road near the Peach Orchard.  It is one of two monuments to this regiment and was the first to be erected and dedicated, by members of the regiment in 1886. The second monument, not pictured here, was dedicated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in […]