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Petersburg National Battlefield – Monument to the 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery at the Crater

Posted By on May 10, 2013

Located at the “The Crater” at the Petersburg National Battlefield, is a monument to the 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery.  The monument is in the design of a stone podium with inscriptions on the top face and on the front side.


The front face of the monument reads:

Went into action 30 July 1864, 780 men – Answered roll call after battle, 280 men – Lost, killed and wounded, 494 men, including 8 officers.


The top face of the monument indicates that it was placed at the “advanced position”, 30 July 1864, the day of the mine explosion at “The Crater.”


Two ground markers note the “right” and “left” extent of the position of the 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery.


The following men who have some connection to the Lykens Valley area have already been identified in the Civil War Research Project as members of 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery:

[CW#A004] Joseph Albright (1834-1911) ——–  [CW#B178] Abraham L. Boyer (18xx-xxxx) ——–  [CW#D065.5] Abraham T. DeWitt (1837-1911) ——–  [CW#F005] Abraham F. Fairchild (1842-xxxx) ——–  [CW#H227.5] William H. Hoover (1833-1865) ——–  [CW#P042] John Wesley Pike (1832-xxxx) ——–  [CW#R042.76] Michael Reigle (1831-1901) ——–  [CW#R170] Daniel K. Ruch (1832-xxxx) ——–  [CW#Z008] Joseph R. Zeiter (1828-1900).

It is possible that some of the above men did not participate in the Siege at Petersburg and it also possible that additional men will be identified who should be included in the Civil War Research Project.  The “CW” number preceding the name is the project file number and the dates following the name are in some cases best estimates at this time of the birth and death years of the veteran.  Where a year has not yet been determined, an “x” is used as a placeholder.  Blog readers who have additional information about any men who served in the 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery are urged to contribute it to the Civil War Research Project, particularly if there is a connection to the Lykens Valley area.  Please add comments to this blog post or submit the information in an e-mail.


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