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Events of the World: May 1863

| May 31, 2013

May 5. Joe Coburn KOs Mike McCoole for US boxing title in 63rd round. Coburn came to the United States at an early age and settled in New York City. He became an apprentice bricklayer and during his spare time studied boxing.  He was soon getting the best of the top local sparring partners and turned […]

Civil War Records in the Published Schuylkill County Archives Series – Volume 1

| May 30, 2013

Today’s blog post provides information on Volume 1 of a series of books published beginning in 1995 by Closson Press, titled Schuylkill County Pennsylvania Archives.  In all, three volumes were published through 1996.  The series was based on genealogical research done by: Phillip A. Rice, a specialist in church and cemetery records; Jean A. Dellock, […]

The Curious Case of Dr. Charles H. Miller

| May 29, 2013

A rare thing is to hear the Civil War years as described through the eyes of a child who grew up in the shadow of the war. Dr. Charles H. Miller, originally of Lykens, gives us that exact thing in a book he published as a young college graduate of the University of Pennsylvania medical […]

Additions to Veterans’ List – H

| May 28, 2013

Veterans of the Civil War identified as having some connection to the Lykens Valley area and included in the Civil War Research Project was last updated 19 April 2012.  In a series of posts continuing intermittently until concluding in mid-June, a brief sketch of each of the new names added since then will be presented.  […]

Memorial Day 2013

| May 27, 2013

Songs of the Civil War Cover Them Over With Beautiful Flowers Cover them over with beautiful flow’rs, Deck them with garlands, those brothers of ours, Lying so silently night and day, Sleeping the years of their manhood away, Give them the meed they have won in the past, Give them the honors their future forecast, […]