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Trevorton Area Civil War Veterans

Posted By on March 15, 2013


Trevorton Sesquicentennial, 1850-2000:  Remembering the Past, Cherishing the Present, Enriching the Future, was published in 2000 in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Trevorton by the Trevorton Sesquicentennial Committee, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.


Trevorton is located within the boundaries of Zerbe Township in Northumberland County as can be seen on the above map (the rectangular grid).  Zerbe Township is north of Line Mountain and Line Mountain is roughly the northernmost boundary of the Civil War Research Project.  However, the boundary was not so formidable that people and commerce did not move freely into and out of the area.  Some of the Civil War soldiers who have been previously identified in the Veterans List, also have some connection to communities north of Line Mountain – such as Shamokin, Sunbury, and Trevorton.  Likewise, some who spent most of their lives north of Line Mountain may have some connection to the area covered by the Civil War Research Project.

One of the sections of the Trevorton book recognizes the men and women who served our country during times of military conflict.  The lists include not only Trevorton, but also West Cameron Township, Little Mahanoy Township and Irish Valley.

The listing begins with those who served in the Civil War (1861-1865)….  These Civil War soldiers served in many different units including Company B, 18th Militia of 1861, “The Trevorton Guards;” Company D, 172nd Pennsylvania [172nd Pennsylvania Infantry], a unit of drafted men nicknamed the “Mountain Tigers;” and Company A, 8th Pennsylvania [8th Pennsylvania Infantry] and Company K, 46th Pennsylvania [46th Pennsylvania Infantry], the “Shamokin Guards.”  George Blanksby had the distinction of serving during the entire duration of the war from April 1861 to July 1865.  Levi Conrad, the last surviving Trevorton veteran of the Civil War, passed away 15 March 1933.

The listing of Trevorton area veterans for the Civil War, which also names the regiment/company (where known) and identifies 16 men who did not survive the war, is found on pages 53-54 of the Trevorton Sesquicentennial Book.  There are also photographs of two veterans in their Civil War uniforms:  Henry Haupt Derrick and David Morgan, both members of Company D, 172nd Pennsylvania Infantry.  The list presented here on this blog post only contains the names of the veterans:

William Basse —– John Berger —– Peter S. Bergstresser —– Isaac Berkheiser —– Daniel Billman —– George Blanskby —– Mathias Bohner —– Abraham Booth —–Thomas Booth —– Francis Bower —– John B. Boyer —– John Adam Brechor —– Frederick Broeker —– Martin Brymier —– Henry W. Burns —–Charles S. Chamberlain —– Israel Chamberlain —– Lewis chamberlain —– Valentin F. Clark —– Levi L. Conrad —– Samuel B. Conrad —– James Coyle —– Samuel Crawford —– Harmon T. Crone —– George Frank Crone —– Julius Henry Crone —– Adam Derk —– Daniel Derk —– Emanuel Derk —– Franklin Derk —– Isaac Derk —– Jared Derk —– Jonathan Derk —– John H. Derk —– Henry Haupt Derrick —– John Donnely —– Cornelius H. Dunkleberger —– Jerry Dunkleberger —– Isaac Dunkleberger —– Israel Dunkleberger —– Nathan Dunkleberger —– Emanuel Durke —– Edmund Edward —– Ananias S. Farnsworth —– Henry Feaster —– Adam Fisher —– Jacob Fisher —– Valentine W. Fisher —– Samuel G. Foy —– John P. Francis —– William H. Francis —– John Fredericks —– William Fritz —– Rodney Fuller —– William Garinger —– Robert Goodwild —– Christopher Gothrie —– Leonard Gottshall —– John Gronmayer —– Charles Hain —– John Hartman —– William Reily Haunabaugh —– Benjamin M. Haupt —– Simeon Haupt —– Valentine Heckner —– Andrew A. Heim —– Harrison Heim —– Henry Heim —– Levi P. Heim —– Nathan Henninger —– Nathan Hensyl —– Jacob T. Hepner —– Daniel Herb —– Thomas Humble —– Benjamin Hummel —– John C. Humphrey —– Michael Jacobs —– Samuel Jacobs —– Rev. Charles C. Kahler —– Benjamin Katterman —– Phillip Kauffman —– Samuel W. Kauffman —– Emanuel Kauffman —– Matthew Kearney —– Michael Kearney —– Isaac Keiser —– William Kent —– John F. Kerstetter —– Jacob Kline —– Joseph P. Knapp —– Daniel Henry Knarr —– Christian Kramer —– Frederick Kramer —– George Kramer —– Jacob Kramer —– John Kramer —– William J. Kuhns Sr. —– Robert Lattimore —– William A. Leffler —– Richard Lobb —– William Lobb —– John Long —– Ephraim McCollum —– John McEwen —– James P. McGinnes —– J. McManus —– John McWilliams —– Robert McWilliams —– James Mahan —– Jeremiah Maize —– Daniel Martin —– Cornelius Maurer —– David Maurey —–Peter Meiser —– Jesse G. Metz —– Peter Metz Jr. —– Washington B. Metz —– Simon Miller —– Solomon Miller —– David Morgan —– Dennis W. Morgan —– Mathias R. Morgan  —– Werlie Morgan —– George Mowton —–John Myers —– John L. Mutchler —– John B. Newbaker —– Dominick O’Gara —– Jeremiah O’Gara —– George Orme —– John Otto —– George Parfet —– John Partridge —– Isaac Peifer —– Jeremiah Pennypacker —– Peter Pennypacker —– John W. Phillips —– Joseph Plummer —– Joseph Porter —– James T. Poyer —– Joseph O. Poyer —– Henry K. Price —– John Prince —– George W. Raker —– Henry Z. Raker —– John H. Raker —– William D. Raker —– Emmanuel Reed —– Samuel Reed —– Jacob Reeder —– Charles Reichert —– Henry J. Renn —– James B. Renney —– Rube Ressler —– Henry Morris Rhoads —– Ferdinand Rhoads —– Peter Runkle —– John Schlichtig —– Henry Schlimme —– James M. Sheetz —– Peter Shipman —– George Shivelhood —– John Shivelhood —– Joseph Shivelhood —– John Shrader —– Solomon Shull —– David Sibb —– Daniel Smith —– Simon Snyder —– Aaron Sober —– Alexander Jordan Sober —– Salathiel Sober —– William A. Sober —– Stephen Straub —– Levi R. Swinehart —– Samuel Swinehart —– Daniel F. Taylor —– William C. Tharp —– Peter R. Treon —– William H. Umbenhower —– Jacob Umlo —– George W. VanGilder —– George Veit —– George W. Wagner —– George Walthon —– George W. Weaver —– Lewis D. Weaver —– Lyman S. Weaver —– Samuel Weaver —– John Weidenhafer —– Daniel D. Weikle —– Emmanuel Weitzel —– John H. Wiest —– Charles Wightman —- George W. Wooley —– John Wright —–Imbeck Wynn —– George Zimmerman —– David F. Zubler


If any of the above-named veterans have a connection to the Lykens Valley area, they will be added to the Civil War Research Project Veterans’ List.  Some have already been added.  Help is needed to identify others so that none who belong are left out.


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  1. Kathleen Fisher says:

    don’t know if you’re still doing this,but Adam Fisher has his draft registration home listed as lykens, for the Civil War, and is also listed as living there on the 1860 census hope this helps.

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