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Tower City, Porter and Rush Township Civil War Veterans – Part 9

Posted By on July 31, 2012

The Tower City Borough, Porter Township and Rush Township Veterans Memorial is located at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Cemetery which is located along Route 209 in Tower City, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.  It was the subject of a prior post on this blog on 30 December 2010.

Within the glass cases on the monument are name plates for each of the eligible veterans who served in America’s Wars.  The Civil War veterans are noted in the left case in the center section of the monument.  To give due recognition to each of the Civil War veterans named on the monument, the name plates will be individually pictured followed by a brief description of the Civil War service of the veteran.


FRANKLIN REINER (1841- ?).  Frank H. Reiner, as he was often known, was a member of the 194th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company A.  He served as a Private from 15 July 1864 through 6 November 1864.  His wife’s name was Sarah and in 1890, he was living in Tower City.  Afterward, he spent much of the remaining days of his life in various soldiers’ homes, including the national home at Dayton, Ohio, and the state home at Erie, Pennsylvania.

The family of Frank Reiner contributed a memorial brick which is located on the front terrace of the Tower City Veterans’ Memorial.


LORENZO C. REINOEHL (1837-1922).  The “L. Reinoehl” named on the Tower City Memorial is Lorenzo C. Reinoehl – sometimes referred to as Reinohl or Reinhole.  Lorenzo first served in the 17th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company H, as a Private, from 17 September 1862 through 28 September 1862, following his enrollment at Tremont, Schuylkill County.  Next, he served in the Emergency of 1863 in the state militia designated as the 39th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company H, where he was also a Private.  This service was also short, from 1 July1863 through 2 August 1863.  Finally, he enrolled in the 184th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company H, as a Corporal, where he served from 31 October 1864 through 14 July 1865.  Prior to the war, Lorenzo had married Angeline Doll.  After the war he worked as a laborer and coal miner and in 1890 lived in Tower City..  Later in life, he was confined to the soldiers’ home in Dayton, Ohio.  He is buried in Tower City.


PETER RHOADS (? – ?) could be any of a number of veterans by this name.  Thus far, no connection has been found with any of them and the Tower City area.  Help is needed in identifying which Peter Rhoads is remembered on this memorial and in what Civil War regiment and company he served.


HENRY RISHE (1836-1904) was a veteran of the 192nd Pennsylvania Infantry, Company H.  He served as a Private from 13 January 1865 through 2 September 1865.  Henry married Mary A. Kines.  He was living in Tower City in 1890 when he noted that his Civil War-related disability was a “rupture” and that he spent 21 days as a prisoner at Libby Prison.  Later in Henry’s life, he was confined to the soldiers’ home in Dayton, Ohio.


EDWARD J. ROBSON (1823-1893), an immigrant from England, served as 1st lieutenant of the 6th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company G from 22 April 1861 through 27 July 1861.  At the time of the start of the war, he was a carpenter who resided in Llewellyn, Schuylkill County.  After that three-month service, he returned home and worked his trade until 1864, when on 22 February , he enlisted in the 48th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company F, as a Private.  His final discharge came on 17 July 1865.  Edward, who is also found in the records as “Edward G. Robsom” was married to Julia A. Burns.  In 1890, while living in Tower City, he reported that during the war he suffered an “internal rupture” and contracted “rheumatism pain” and was “unable to work.”


HENRY ROW (1836- ?) only served as a Private in the Emergency of 1863 as a member of the 39th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company H.  His wife’s name was Barbara.  Henry’ surname is also found as “Rowe” but he has not yet been connected to the Lykens Valley pioneer family of that name.


ELIAS SCHELL (1844-1897) is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Tower City.  During the Civil War, he was a Private in the 48th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company F.   His dates of service were:  1 March 1865 through discharge by Special Roder on 15 June 1865.  His surname is also found as Shell or Sheel.  He was married to a woman named Mary.


SAMUEL H. SCHELL (1836-1905) was also known as Samuel Shell.  He was married twice, first to Hannah Umholtz, and second to Jennie A. Welker.  He is buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Tower City.  During the Civil War, he first joined the 10th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company F, as a Private and served from 26 April 1861 through 31 July 1961.  During the Emergency of 1863, he was part of the state militia named the 39th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company C, where he was active for about 5 weeks during July and early August.


To be continued tomorrow….

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