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Statistical Record of the Armies of the United States

Posted By on July 6, 2012

One of the best sources for statistics about the Civil War was published in 1883 and titled, Statistical Record of the Armies of the United States.  The book was compiled by Frederick Phisterer, a former army Captain and published by Charles Scribner’s Sons and was a supplementary volume to Campaigns of the Civil War.

There are three important parts to this book:

Part I – Numbers and Organization of the Armies of the United States.

Calls for Troops —– Organizations Mustered into the Service of the United States —– Tabular Statement of Organizations in the Service of the Unite States During the Rebellion —– Military Divisions, Departments, and Districts of the United States —–Military Departments Alphabetically Arranged —– Military Division of the United States Forces —– Principal Armies of the United States —- Army Corps —- Strength of the Army at Various Dates —– Honors Conferred by the Congress of the United States in Public Acts —–Losses —– National Cemeteries

Part II – Chronological Record of the Engagements, Battles, Etc., in the United States, 1861 to 1865

Chronological Record —– Loss in Engagements, Etc. —– Index to Chronological List of Engagements and Battles

Part III – Record of the General Officers of the Armies of the United States During the War of the Rebellion

General Officers (General United States Army, Lieutenant-Generals United States Army, Major-Generals United States Army, Major-Generals United States Volunteers, Brigadier-Generals United States Army, Brigadier-Generals United States Volunteers) —– General Officers of States Entering Service in April 1861 —– General Officers Deceased While in the Service —– Index to Names

A free download copy of the original edition is available from Google BooksClick Here and follow download instructions.  PDF and other formats are available.

In 1996, John Kallman Publishers reprinted the 1883 edition in hardcover format with an added introduction.  The following excerpt from that introduction further describes the book:

For the reader of Civil War narrative history, you will find a listing and description of the era’s military divisions, departments, districts and corps.  All twenty-five U.S. Army Corps badges are illustrated above their listing in the text.  To understand the sequence of events, there is a chronological listing of all 2261 battles and engagements and forces involved.  For those doing genealogical study or those with an interest in a specific officer, there is a listing of all 2651 general officers in the service from 1861 to the end of the war, including dates of entry and exit with special note of those who died in war.

The introduction also gives a brief biographical sketch of Frederick Phisterer:

Frederick Phisterer (1836-1909) was born in Stuttgart, Wiertemberg, Germany.  As a nineteen year old, he sailed to New York in 1855.  Shortly upon arrival, he enlisted in the United States Army at Philadelphia and started a life-long military career.  A recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism at Stone’s River in 1862, Phisterer was during most of the Civil War Captain U.S. Army Regular Brigade, Fourteenth Corps, Army of the Cumberland.

A hard-cover copy of the Kallman Edition can be purchased through Amazon (click here) or through other sellers.





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