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Pennsylvania House Speakers with Civil War Connections

Posted By on June 26, 2012

Other than John E. Faunce, who was featured in a post here on Sunday, the following Pennsylvania Speakers of the House have Civil War connections.  Page references are to biographical sketches that are found in Wisdom, Vision and Diplomacy:  Speakers of the Pennsylvania House, by Jeane Hearn Schmedlen and published in 1998 by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

BENJAMIN L. HEWIT (1833-1894).  Had a record of military service (not specified).   Served as Speaker in 1881-1882.  [p. 168].

HENRY M. LONG (1836-1909).  Member of the 15th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company G. Served as Speaker in 1879-1880.  [p. 166].

HENRY H. McCORMICK (1840-1885).  Member of the 6th Pennsylvania Artillery plus service in a 90-day regiment (not specified).  Served as Speaker in 1874. [p. 162].

JOHN CLARK (1832-1872).  Member of the 3rd Pennsylvania Reserves.  Served as Speaker in 1869.  [p. 156].

JOHN P. GLASS (1821-1868).  Member of the Excelsior Brigade of Allegheny County.  Served as Speaker in 1867.  Civil War obelisk approved during his term.  [p. 154].

JAMES R. KELLEY (1839-1871).  Member of the 31st Ohio Infantry.  Served as Speaker in 1866.  Commissioned Rothermel painting of Battle of Gettysburg during his term.  [p. 152].

ARTHUR G. OLMSTEAD (1827-1914).  Served as Speaker in 1865.  Welcomed Lincoln’s body to Capitol after assassination.  [p. 151].

JOHN CESSNA (1821-1895).  Served as Speaker 1in 1851 and 1863.  Lee’s invasion of Pennsylvania occurred during his second term as Speaker. [p. 135].

JOHN ROWE (1814-1880).  Was a member of the State Militia from Franklin County before the Civil War.  Served as Speaker in 1862.  [p. 149].

ELISHA W. DAVIS (1828-?).  Member of the 121st Pennsylvania Infantry.  Served as Speaker in 1861 and 1868.  [p. 148].

JOHN SWAZY McCALMONT (182-1906). Served as Speaker in 1850.   Colonel of the 4th Regiment of Pennsylvania Reserves during the Civil War. [p. 134].

WILLIAM C. LAWRENCE (1832-1860).  Served as Speaker in 1859 and 1860 and died in office before the war began. [p. 146]

A. BROWER LONGAKER (1828-1893). Served as Quartermaster during the Civil War (regiment not specified).  [p. 145].

JAMES COOPER (1810-1863).  Served as Speaker in 1847.  During Civil War, he left for Columbus, Ohio, to serve as a Brigadier General. [p. 132].

WILLIAM A. CRABB (dates unknown).  Served as Speaker in 1841 then served 15 years in the State Senate.  Possibly related to the Crabb family of Gratz and Lykens Township. [p. 127].

WILLIAM PATTERSON (1796-1879).  Served as Speaker in 1833.   Commanded Union Volunteers Battalion during Civil War. [p. 122].


Additional information is sought on the above individuals to determine whether any had a direct connection to the Lykens Valley area.  Readers are invited to comment.



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