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68th Pennsylvania Infantry – Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg

Posted By on August 6, 2011

(Part 56 of an ongoing series on the Battle of Gettysburg).  Around the base of the Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg are a series of plaques which, by regiment and company, note the names of every soldier who was present at the Battle of Gettysburg.  This post will present the plaque recognizing the men who served in the 68th Pennsylvania Infantry.  By clicking on the plaque it should enlarge so the names can be more clearly read.  Following the plaque is a list of the men who have thus far been identified as eligible for inclusion in this Civil War Research Project who, it is believed, served for a time in the 68th Pennsylvania Infantry .  Not all the names may appear on the Pennsylvania Memorial plaques.  If a name does not appear, it could be that the soldier did serve in the 68th Pennsylvania Infantry, but was not part of the regiment during its days at Gettysburg – or it could mean that the soldier was erroneous included in the 68th Pennsylvania Infantry list.  There could also be errors on the plaque.  Readers are invited to submit comments about any names appearing below, or on the plaque, especially if they believe the soldier was from the Lykens Valley area and should be included in this study.

Click on picture to enlarge.

Men from the Lykens Valley area who probably served in the 68th Pennsylvania Infantry :

Note:  At the present time, no veterans from the Lykens Valley area have been identified in this regiment.  Since research is still being conducted to determine the Civil War regiments in which many of the Lykens Valley area veterans served, it is possible that some names will be added in the future.  Research is on-going and corrections and additions are always welcome.  Readers are invited to submit comments about any veteran found on this plaque, whether or not they have a connection to the Lykens Valley areaClick here for map.

Information for this post was taken from the files of the Civil War Research Project.  A separate digital file is kept on each soldier who is included in the list of veterans.  Information is sought on any men from the Lykens Valley area who were soldiers or sailors during the Civil War.


13 Responses to “68th Pennsylvania Infantry – Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg”

  1. bill says:

    I can give you information about Christian Freck, who served in the 68th PA Vols. He was from Burlington NJ – I have his pictures, a “dogtag”, a letter he sent from the field, and some of his GAR memorabilia. Please contact me if this is of interest to you

  2. Henry Freck says:

    Christian Freck was My Great Grand Father

  3. Henry Freck says:

    Bill if possible send pictures of items you have to my e-mail
    thank you

  4. Patricia says:

    You might be interested in a book that Civil War Emporium carries. The Pennsylvania Civil War Regimental Histories book collection is a group of 58 books that detail the histories of various Pennsylvania based regiments during the Civil War. Many of the books are illustrated with specific events relating to their service as well as portraits of some of the members. These books are an excellent resource for the Civil War history buff as well as for those doing Civil War genealogy research. The link is http://www.civilwaremporium.com/product/HAC537_Pennsylvania-Civil-War-Regimental-Histories-Book-Collection-on-DVD. Maybe this will help you.

  5. Lorraine says:

    Christian Freck was my Great Great Grandfather! I have translation of his marriage record if it is of interest.

    Bill, I would greatly appreciate email photos of the items you have, are you related also?

    Henry Freck please email me to share family history information.

  6. Ed O'Malley says:

    Thank you for posting the 68th Pennsylvania Infantry plaque.
    Captain John C Gallagher, Company C, 68th Pennsylvania Infantry was my grandmother’s grandfather’s older brother. He was mortally wounded at the breakthrough by the Union Army at Petersburg, VA on April 2, 1865. He died on April 3, 1865 and is buried in Old Cathedral Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA.

    In addition to CPT Gallagher, I have two direct ancestors who served at Gettysburg. One in Company B, 69th PA Infantry, the other in Company B, 114th PA Infantry

  7. Henry Freck says:

    E-Mail me Henry Freck at fre137@aol.com

  8. Mary Taylor says:

    In thinking about the upcoming 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, and researching for related events and more information on the 68th PA Infantry, I found this site. When I looked at the plaque, I was pleased to find my great great grandfather’s name, Wm B. Everett, listed with Co A, where he served throughout the war as a musician. He was wounded in the head and arm at this battle.

    The link I gave above is his page on our family tree on Ancestry.com, which is public. I am proud of his service and his story.

    Thank you for gathering and posting this information, Dr. Gasbarro.

  9. Mary Taylor says:

    Can’t remember whether I pasted the url for the 150th events at Gettysburg July 4-7, but here it is, if I didn’t: http://www.gettysburgreenactment.com/

  10. Mike says:

    I have a relative by the name of Joseph Cameron who served as a private in the 68th company D. Our family has a timeline record of battles he participated in including Gettysburg, yet I did not locate his name on the monument. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can obtain more information regarding his service?

  11. Lorraine Amos says:

    Bill could you email me photos of Christian Freck’s memorabilia that you have? Address: damos3@cfl.rr.com

  12. Tenby Ihde says:

    I can tell you a small amount about John Reynolds, Sgt. Major, and Anthony H. Reynolds, Lt. Col. John was my great-great grandfather and Anthony was his brother, my 2nd great uncle. They both arrived from Ireland in 1846 on the ship the St. Patrick. John was 20 and Anthony 18, according to the ship’s record. They both served in the Mexican American War. They both lived in Philadelphia before the Civil War, but at some point John moved to Pittsburgh and went back to Philadelphia to enlist in the 68th. Anthony was wounded at Gettysburg and mustered out in October 1863, we assume too wounded to continue. John was killed at Gettysburg, on the second day at the Peach Orchard, “cheering on his men” (from Col. Tippin’s report). Mary, his widow, moved to East Liverpool, OH after the war to be able to enroll two of her three girls in the war orphan’s school there. We have no photos of John or Anthony, but are hoping there is an officers’ photo for the 68th that would include at least Anthony. If anyone has any information about such a photo, we would be eager to hear!

  13. Mike says:

    My Stepfather ‘s Great-Grandfather was in company D in the 68th and we have located a plaque that was in my grandmother’s possession which listed all of the battles he was involved in. One that was listed was Gettysburg, however, his name is not listed on the memorial. His name is Joseph Cameron, he enlisted and remained
    a private throughout the war. Any information anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated as my family continues to better understand what he witnessed during this period in history.

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