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2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry – Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg

Posted By on June 22, 2011

(Part 41 of an ongoing series on the Battle of Gettysburg).  Around the base of the Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg are a series of plaques which, by regiment and company, note the names of every soldier who was present at the Battle of Gettysburg.  This post will present the plaque recognizing the men who served in the 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry.  By clicking on the plaque it should enlarge so the names can be more clearly read.  Following the plaque is a list of the men who have thus far been identified as eligible for inclusion in this Civil War Research Project who, it is believed, served for a time in the 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry .  Not all the names may appear on the Pennsylvania Memorial plaques.  If a name does not appear, it could be that the soldier did serve in the 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry, but was not part of the regiment during its days at Gettysburg – or it could mean that the soldier was erroneous included in the 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry list.  There could also be errors on the plaque.  Readers are invited to submit comments about any names appearing below, or on the plaque, especially if they believe the soldier was from the Lykens Valley area and should be included in this study.

Click on picture to enlarge.

Men from the Lykens Valley area who probably served in the 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry:

Milton P. Hawley —- George W. Hayes —- Philip H. Shaffner

Information for this post was taken from the files of the Civil War Research Project.  A separate digital file is kept on each of the above-named men.  Information is sought on any men from the Lykens Valley area who were soldiers or sailors during the Civil War.


26 Responses to “2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry – Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg”

  1. samuel steck says:

    Hi,my name is Samuel Steck I am the Great Great Grandson of Samuel Steck, Chief bugler 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company M. His name is listed under sergeants on the 2nd Cavalry Fifty-ninth Regiment monument at Gettysburg. I am looking for any information about him or his company.

    • Howard Brown says:

      Good morning, Samuel. My name is Howard Brown from Armstrong County. My great, great grandfather, John A H Crytzer, and my great, great grand uncle, Benjamin Franklin Crytzer, were both in Company M. John survived the war and continued to live in Armstrong County until his death in 1911. BF was killed in a skirmish in 1864. Company M was made up of men from Armstrong County.
      Albert C Walker who is listed at the top of the PA monument as Adjutant was from Company M. According to The History of Armstrong County, he was promoted to Captain on May 1, 1863. I’m not sure why he is listed as he is on the monument. He was killed in an unsuccessful attempt to cut the rebel lines at Gordonsville in 1864.
      There is also a Theodore Steck listed in Company M, but he wouldn’t have joined them until after Gettysburg. Perhaps he is also a relative. Hope to hear from you.

      • Jeff Crytzer says:

        Thanks for the info Howard. My dad has always told me we are related to BF and John Crytzer from Co M. Since our families all lived in Armstrong county I’m sure we all share the same lineage even if it was in the distant past. I can’t find a direct link to them since I began digging into our family history recently. I can’t find the father of my 4th or 5th Great Grandfather David Critser (Born around 1804) of Armstrong County. It’s a huge mystery and one that would probably tie all of these loose genealogical ends together. Any way you look at it, it’s nice to know that men from Armstrong County answered their country’s call and served to preserve the Union. I guess it’s a tradition. My Grandfather, Homer Crytzer, served in the 36th Infantry in WWII, my father and three uncles served and I served as a US Army Military Policeman in Germany. Take care.

      • Sam Steck says:

        Hi Howard,
        Yes Theodore was Samuels Brother and he joined the 2nd pa cavalry on july 1st 1863. He was at gettysburg, everyone name on this plauqe was present at Gettysburg. Samuel mustarded in on oct 1 1861. The 2nd Pa cavalry were in a lot of important battles, and they were at Lees surrender.

  2. Jeff Crytzer says:

    My name is Jeff Crytzer and I from Armstrong County Pa. and a distant relative of Benjamin Franklin Crytzer and John Crytzer (both spelled as Crytser on the 29th Cavalry, Company M section of the monument). I am looking for any information on them or their unit’s activity before, during and after the battle of Gettysburg. Thanks in advance.

    • Lisa Kiehl says:

      Hi! My name is Lisa Kiehl and I am a direct decendent of Michael Tobias Crytzer, John Neal Crytzer being my grandfather.
      If you have or receive any information on the Crytzer’s, I would appreciate and information you may have. Thanks so much!

    • Jeff Crytzer says:

      I meant to say 2nd Pa. Cavalry.

    • Howard Brown says:

      My name is Howard Brown from Armstrong County. John A H Crytzer was my great, great grandfather. John Neal Crytzer my great grandfather. John A H Crytzer is listed as having a partial disability from a broken hand when a horse fell on him. I have a great deal of information on the Crytzer family.

  3. Howard Brown says:

    I meant to say Michael Neal Crytzer, not John Neal Crytzer. John A H Crytzer only had the one son.

  4. Glenn Benner says:

    RE- 2nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry. Co. D & Co. G
    Hello, My name is Glenn Benner from Lancaster Co. Pa. My GG-Grandfather Amos M. Benner served in Co.D PVC (1861-64). Have some info. Looking for other Descendants who may need info and/or be willing to share. Also have info on Co. G

  5. Karen Armer Kahn says:

    Hi my name is Karen. My 5th G father Joseph Bryson was captured onSept 1863 and died at Andersonville in May 1864. I am trying to determine where he was captured ( white hall house). Thanks.

  6. Nancy Steele Kemper says:

    Joseph Steele is my 3rd great grandfather. It says there is a digital file on each man listed on the monument. Is it possible to see that file? I’ve been searching for a photo of Joseph for three years with no luck. Would that file possibly include a photo? Joseph’s son Joseph A. Steele fought with him but is not listed on the monument. I’ve always been curious why. Thank you.

    • Norman Gasbarro Norman Gasbarro says:

      Digital files are available only for those veterans who have been identified with the Research Project of the Lykens Valley area of Pennsylvania. Joseph Steele has not been identified with that geographic area so the Project has no file on him.

  7. Jonny Crytzer says:

    Jeff, you can get all the Crytzer information you want, from your Uncle Ron…He cannot give you David’s father’s name, but does have an extensive file on David and his brother Michael Tobias….

    • Jeff Crytzer says:

      I will contact Uncle Ron but I was trying to see if anyone here could offer anything new as to who David’s parents were. Finding David’s parents seems to be a dead end.


      • Howard Brown says:

        Michael Tobias Crytzer was my 3rd great grandfather. I know he drowned in 1859. His wife, Rachael Heilman, died of a heart attack a few weeks later. Are you positive he had a brother David? If so, this gives me one additional piece of information in trying to find his parents.Jeff is right. So far it has been a dead end. There is a possibility they came from Ohio, but I can’t confirm that.

      • Jonny Crytzer says:

        There is some new info, from a local genealogist, as to who David’s father was!… It is Possible ( not proven ), that John Crytzer, born sometime around 1776, could be that father…All the dates, and census info seem to align along that theory!….The dates and census info also seems to bring us closer to the conclusion that David and Michael Tobias are brothers!….Another mystery, is the whereabouts of David Crytzer’s grave!

  8. James C. Howe says:

    Its nice to see my great grand cousin Private John Jacob Hielman Truby listed in Co “M” 2nd PA Cav service at Gettysburg. I was researching the Truby family (my great grand mother (dad’s mom’s mom) was Sarah P. Truby Kline) and I found John Jacob’s grave stone on Find a Grave.com. Did some research and here he is! Now if I can just find out where my great grand uncle Private Samuel Ray (wounded at Battle of Rocky Gap (26 Aug 1863–died from wounds received 18 Sept 1863) near White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier, (West) Virginia, while serving in Capt Douglas D. Barclay’s Company “D” 2nd Regiment (West) Virginia Mounted Infantry Volunteers is buried?…the search goes on! Thanks for setting up this blog!! Colonel J.C. Howe, USAF, retired (yes the military runs in my family!) If any CW bloggers might have a notion how to locate Samuel pls send a note!

    • Howard Brown says:

      Colonel Howe. I was looking at the Howe family tree on Ancestry. Com. I am guessing that it is your work or that of a family member? It contains a photograph of Samuel Ray and some census records. The only additional information I was able to locate is a copy of his discharge papers ( due to death from gunshot wound ). I find the Civil War fascinating because I had 3 great, great grandfathers and 4 great, great grand uncles who fought. Two of the uncles were killed; one near Petersburg and the other at the second battle of Bull Run.
      I need to take a closer look at the Truby line. My wife’s fifth great grandfather was Colonel Christopher Truby who fought in the Revolutionary War. Perhaps John Jacob comes from the same line. Good luck in your search. If I can be of any help let me know. I live in Armstrong County PA. Most of Company M was from Armstrong County.

      • Nancy Steele Kemper says:

        Hello. I am enjoying hearing about everyone’s family members who were part of the 2nd PA Cavalry, Company M. My GR GR GR Grandfather and his son, my GR GR Grandfather, were both from Armstrong County and fought with the Cavalry too. If anyone has any information they could share with me, I would be very grateful. Their names were Joseph Steele, and Joseph A. Steele.

        Joseph Steele is listed on the plaque at Gettysburg.

        Thank you!

        • Howard Brown says:

          The History of Armstrong County states that Captain Joseph Steele joined the 2nd Cav Sept. 16, 1861 and was promoted to Major May 1, 1863. Captain Joseph A Steele joined Oct. 6, 1863. He was promoted from 1st Lt. Sept. 26, 1864 and was discharged June 17, 1865. There is no discharge date for Joseph Steele. Did he perhaps stay in the army after the war?
          Does anyone know if the 2nd Cav was at Antietam? Some regimental histories list them as being there, but any research I have done on Antietam makes no mention of them.

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