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Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: The Struggle Intensifies

Posted By on May 23, 2011

(Part 2 of 4).  In 1883, Clarence Clough Buel, the Assistant Editor of The Century Magazine, proposed a series of articles which would present differing points of view on the Civil War.  Buel’s plan included the eventual publication of the articles in book form.  In 1887 and 1888, the four volume work was first published.

Today’s post focuses on Battles and Leaders of the Civil War:  The Struggle Intensifies, Volume II, of “The Century War Series” – being for the most part contributions by Union and Confederate officers based upon “The Century War Series,” edited by Robert Underwood Johnson and Clarence Clough Buel, of the editorial staff of The Century Magazine.




THE CAPTURE OF NEW ORLEANS:  The Opposing Forces in the Operations at New Orleans, La., p. 73.


EVENTS OF 1861-2.

McCLELLAN BEFORE RICHMOND:  The Opposing Forces at Williamsburg, Va., p. 200;  Opposing Forces at Seven Pines, p. 218.

THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY IN ’62:  The Opposing Forces in the Valley Campaigns, p. 299.

THE SEVEN DAYS FIGHTING:  The Opposing Forces in the Seven Days’ Battles, p. 313.

LEE’S CAMPAIGN AGAINST POPE:  The Opposing Forces at Cedar (Slaughter) Mountain, Va., p. 495;  The Opposing Forces at the Second Bull Run, p. 497.

LEE’S INVASION OF MARYLAND:  The Opposing Forces in the Maryland Campaign, p. 598;  The Opposing Forces at Harper’s Ferry, Va., p. 618.

IUKA AND CORINTH:  The Opposing Forces at Iuka, Miss., p. 736;  The Opposing Forces at Corinth, p. 759.



1st Pennsylvania Artillery, Battery A:  Easton, p. 334.  Battery B: Cooper, p. 334, p. 397, p. 569.  Battery C:  McCarthy, p. 435.  Battery E:  Miller, p. 435.  Battery G:  Kerns, p. 334, p. 397.   Battery H:  Brady, p. 245.

3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery:  p. 161.  Battery D:  Durell, p. 633.  Battery E: Knap, p. 310.

3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry:  p. 429-432.

4th Pennsylvania Cavalry:  p. 430, p. 433.

6th Pennsylvania Cavalry:  p. 319, cut p. 322, p. 340, p. 430, , p. 557.

8th Pennsylvania Cavalry:  p. 430, p. 432-433, p. 435.

11th Pennsylvania Cavalry:  Seven Days, p. 432.

12th Pennsylvania Cavalry:  Manaassas, p. 504 note.

11th Pennsylvania Infantry (Reserves):  Gaines’s Mill, p. 342 note; p. 364 note.

13th Pennsylvania Infantry (Reserves): Harrisonburg, p. 294; South Mountain, p. 572.

23rd Pennsylvania Infantry: Seven Pines, p. 223.

27th Pennsylvania Infantry: Shenandoah, p. 292 note.

49th Pennsylvania Infantry:  Golding’s Farm, p. 369.

51st Pennsylvania Infantry:  Antietan, p. 652 note.

56th Pennsylvania Infantry:  2nd Bull Run, p. 269 note.

63rd Pennsylvania Infantry:  Seven Days, p. 431.

69th Pennsylvania Infantry:  Savage’s Station, p. 374.

71st Pennsylvania Infantry (1st Pennsylvania Cavalry):  Balls Bluff, p. 126, p. 128.  Savage’s Station, p. 374.

95th Pennsylvania Infantry:  Crampton’s Gap, p. 594.

96th Pennsylvania Infantry:  Gaines’s Mill, p. 355.

118th Pennsylvania Infantry:  Antietam, p. 641 note.

An example of one of the pictures from this volume is shown below:

Click on picture to enlarge.

The picture caption reads:  Rush’s Lancers – The 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry.  From a sketch made in 1862.

Volume II is available as a free download from Google BooksClick here.  It is also generally available through new/used book sellers.

In the next two days, one volume per day will be reviewed.  Tomorrow:  Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: The Tide Shifts, Volume III.  Wednesday:  Battles and Leaders of the Civil War:  Retreat with Honor, Volume IV.


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