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Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: Retreat with Honor

Posted By on May 25, 2011

(Part 4 of 4).  In 1883,Clarence Clough Buel, the Assistant Editor of The Century Magazine, proposed a series of articles which would present differing points of view on the Civil War.  Buel’s plan included the eventual publication of the articles in book form.  In 1887 and 1888, the four volume work was first published.

A re-publication of the four volume work was completed in by Castle Books of Secaucus, New Jersey.  There is no re-publication date on the Castle Books edition.  This re-publication is relatively inexpensive and generally available through book sellers on the web.  Some of the volumes are also available in various digital formats, including “pdf” and formats designed for digital book readers.

Today’s post focuses on Battles and Leaders of the Civil War:  Retreat with Honor, Volume IV, of “The Century War Series” – being for the most part contributions by Union and Confederate officers based upon “The Century War Series,” edited by Robert Underwood Johnson and Clarence Clough Buel, of the editorial staff of The Century Magazine.



CHARLESTON:  Opposing Land Forces at Charleston, p. 74.



THE WILDERNESS CAMPAIGN:  Opposing Forces at the Beginning of Grant’s Campaign Against Richmond, p. 179; Opposing Forces at Cold Harbor, p. 185.

ATLANTA:  Opposing Forces in the Atlanta Campaign, p. 284.

FINAL OPERATIONS IN ARKANSAS AND MISSOURI:  Opposing Forces in the Red River Campaign, p. 367; Opposing Forces in Arkansas, p. 368.

MOBILE AND THE GULF:  Opposing Forces at Mobile, p. 400.


HOOD’S INVASION OF TENNESSEE:  Opposing Forces at Nashville, December 15-16, 1864, p. 472.

UP AND DOWN THE SHENANDOAH:  Opposing Forces at New Marker, Va., May 15, 1864, p. 491;  Opposing Forces in the Lynchburg Expedition, p. 492;  Opposing Forces at ath Monocacy, Md., p. 499; Opposing Forces at Cedar Creek, p. 530.

PETERSBURG:  Opposing Forces at Petersburg and Richmond, p. 590.



THE CAPTURE OF FORT FISHER:  Opposing Forces at Fort Fisher, N.C., p. 661.

SHERMAN’S MARCH THROUGH THE CONFEDERACY:  Opposing Forces in the Campaign of the Carolinas, p. 696.


THE FALL OF RICHMOND:  Opposing Forces in the Appomattox Campaign, p. 748.

CLOSING OPERATIONS:  Opposing Forces in Wilson’s Raid, March 22 – April 20, 1865, p. 759.



1st Pennsylvania Artillery:  Batteries F & G:  Ricketts, p. 157.

2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery:  p. 561.

1st Pennsylvania Cavalry:  p. 239.

2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry:  p. 239.

4th Pennsylvania Cavalry:  p. 239.

5th Pennsylvania Cavalry:  p. 533.

6th Pennsylvania Cavalry:  p. 193, p. 234, p. 236, p. 239.

8th Pennsylvania Cavalry:  Trevilian Station, p. 239.

9th Pennsylvania Cavalry:  Tennessee, p. 413.

11th Pennsylvania Cavalry:  Petersburg, p. 533.

13th Pennsylvania Cavalry: Trevilian Station, p. 239.

16th Pennsylvania Cavalry:  Trevilian Station, p. 239.

17th Pennsylvania Cavalry:  Trevilian Station, p. 239.

26th Pennsylvania Infantry:  Bloody Angle, p. 176.

54th Pennsylvania Infantry:  New Market, p. 489.

95th Pennsylvania Infantry:  Spotsylvania, p. 171.

96th Pennsylvania Infantry:  Spotsylvania, p. 171.

100th Pennsylvania Infantry:  Petersburg, p. 579, p. 581, p. 583, p. 588, p. 589 note.

115th Pennsylvania Infantry:  Bloody Angle, p. 176.

200th Pennsylvania Infantry:  Petersburg, p. 585-9.

205th Pennsylvania Infantry: p. 585 note, p. 588-9.

207th Pennsylvania Infantry:  Petersburg, p. 585, p. 588-9.

208th Pennsylvania Infantry:  Petersburg, p. 585, p. 587-9.

209th Pennsylvania Infantry: Petersburg, p. 585-7, p. 589.

211th Pennsylvania Infantry:  Petersburg, p. 585 note, p. 588-9.


An example of a picture from Volume IV is shown below:


Click on picture to enlarge.

This line drawing shows the camp of the 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Kilpatrick’s Division, on the Union left, between the Rappahannock River and the Rapidan (February or March, 1864), from a photograph. The photograph from which this drawing was made was previously posted here in discussing the ten volume set on the photographic history of the Civil War.  It is shown again for comparison with the line drawing.


Click on picture to enlarge.

It is probably better said that the drawing is “based on a photograph” rather than being an attempt at an exact copy of a photograph.  The actual photograph, from the Library of Congress web site is also shown here.

Click on picture to enlarge.

According to the Library of Congress web site, the photograph is of the 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry in winter quarters at or near Brandy Station, Virginia, and was taken some time between December 1863 and April 1864.


Volume IV can be read on-line at the Internet ArchiveClick here.  It is also generally available from new/used book sellers.



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