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106th Pennsylvania Infantry – Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg

Posted By on May 11, 2011

(Part  27 of an ongoing series on the Battle of Gettysburg).  Around the base of the Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg are a series of plaques which, by regiment and company, note the names of every soldier who was present at the Battle of Gettysburg.  This post will present the plaque recognizing the men who served in the 106th Pennsylvania Infantry.  By clicking on the plaque it should enlarge so the names can be more clearly read.  Following the plaque is a list of the men who have thus far been identified as eligible for inclusion in this Civil War Research Project who, it is believed, served for a time in the 106th Pennsylvania Infantry .  Not all the names may appear on the Pennsylvania Memorial plaques.  If a name does not appear, it could be that the soldier did serve in the 106th Pennsylvania Infantry, but was not part of the regiment during its days at Gettysburg – or it could mean that the soldier was erroneous included in the 106th Pennsylvania Infantry list.  There could also be errors on the plaque.  Readers are invited to submit comments about any names appearing below, or on the plaque, especially if they believe the soldier was from the Lykens Valley area and should be included in this study.

Click on picture to enlarge.

Men from the Lykens Valley area who probably served in the 106th Pennsylvania Infantry :

Thomas William Hoffman

Information for this post was taken from the files of the Civil War Research Project.  A separate digital file is kept on each of the above-named men.  Information is sought on any men from the Lykens Valley area who were soldiers or sailors during the Civil War.


7 Responses to “106th Pennsylvania Infantry – Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg”

  1. Kyle Mac Argel says:

    Greetings, We have known of Corporal Samuel Magargle’s inscription on this plaque and have been looking for it online. I have finally been able to tie our genealogical lines as far back as the Civil War and beyond to our family’s presence in The Revolution crossing the Delaware participating in the Battle of Trenton. We’re still looking for the ‘boat(s)’ we came over on but we’re making progress thanks to folks like you! We thank you very much for providing this enlargeable photo of the 106th’s plaque and have just one question. Is there some sort of list somewhere that would state on which side of the memorial the various regimental plaques are located? The reason for asking is because there are other variations of our surname I have done research on and found other ancestors who were also there at the Gettysburg Battle from Penn. Thank You So Much Again, Kyle Mac Argel

  2. Don Andrew says:

    Kyle, send me an e-mail. Maybe I can help you.

  3. A.M. (Jacobs) Woodling says:

    Two of my ancestors are shown on the Plaque for 106th Infantry Plaque: Lt. C. Whitmoyer and R.F. Whitmoyer. Have many other ancestors from same family line, as well as other family ancestors, who served in Civil War as well as Revolutionary War. Enjoy your blog immensely. Thank you

  4. Dr. Eugene Castrovillo says:

    I am interested in the history of a man listed on this monument who was Private Daniel Rowan. Would you have any further information on this gentleman or family.
    I know that he was married to an Elizabeth just prior to entering the war. She was born in Delaware.
    Daniel Rowan is buried by her in Roxana, Delaware, in the Roxana Cemetery. After Daniel’s death she married Ebe Holloway (of Roxana, DE) who is also buried beside her and also served honorably in the Civil War. Both men fought at Gettysburg, PA.
    Her name on her tombstone is Elizabeth R. (possibly stands for Rowan) Holloway.
    I am trying to find out her maiden name which should be on her marriage record to Daniel Rowan, if it exists.
    I assume Elizabeth brought Daniel Rowan to Roxana, Delaware to rest with her and Ebe. She is located between them in the cemetery. I have photographs of the tombstones if you are interested.
    I find it fascinating that she was married to two Civil War Veterans who served at Gettysburg in the Union Army.
    I look forward to hearing from you on this subject.

    • Dr. Eugene F. Castrovillo says:

      Since leaving a message at your site regarding Daniel Rowan, a Union Army Civil War Veteran buried in Roxana Delaware, I have discovered that he was married to Elizabeth Williams (Rowan/Holloway). She was born in the Roxana area of Delaware. Daniel Rowan died in Camden New Jersey and records indicate that he was originally buried in the Old Camden Cemetery. His death record says that he was a Shoemaker by trade for 7 years in Camden.
      I would like to know more about Daniel Rowan’s life in Camden, New Jersey. Did he have a shop and was he in business for himself? Who were his parents? I would also like to know more about his family. Unfortunately, the death record I found does not mention his cause of death. If you or anyone else can fill in these gaps, I would appreciate the help. You are welcome to contact me at my e-mail address.

  5. Don Andrew says:

    Hello–I am always looking for new information on the 106th P.V. Please feel free to contact me, thanks!

  6. Mary says:

    My great-great-grandfather was John Elias Rockwell. He’s named on the plaque with the 106th Regiment, Company D., with his brother-in-law, Giles M. Coons. A great book with history and some photos can be found free online in its entirety (Google Books):
    Author: Joseph Ripley Chandler Ward. “History of the One hundred and sixth regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 2nd Corps, 1861-1865.” Philadelphia, 1883.

    Also, the photos and locations of the graves of many PA. Civil War Vets can be found at the free “Find a Grave” database. One man who has done a great job of photographing and listing Civil War vets’ graves is “Rodger.” For example, he has done John Rockwell’s, # 46563014. Also, on Rodger’s “Profile” page, he has a link on the upper left side to a member (47640328) who has complied a “Virtual Cemetery” of 877 names/graves of “Civil War” vets buried in Lycoming County, PA.

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