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17th Pennsylvania Cavalry – Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg

Posted By on April 8, 2011

(Part  17 of an ongoing series on the Battle of Gettysburg).  Around the base of the Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg are a series of plaques which, by regiment and company, note the names of every soldier who was present at the Battle of Gettysburg.  This post will present the plaque recognizing the men who served in the 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry.  By clicking on the plaque it should enlarge so the names can be more clearly read.  Following the plaque is a list of the men who have thus far been identified as eligible for inclusion in this Civil War Research Project who, it is believed, served for a time in the 17th Pennsylvania Cavalryy.  Not all the names may appear on the Pennsylvania Memorial plaques.  If a name does not appear, it could be that the soldier did serve in the 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry, but was not part of the regiment during its days at Gettysburg – or it could mean that the soldier was erroneous included in the 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry list.  There could also be errors on the plaque.  Readers are invited to submit comments about any names appearing below, or on the plaque, especially if they believe the soldier was from the Lykens Valley area and should be included in this study.

Click on picture to enlarge.

Men from the Lykens Valley area who probably served in the 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry:

John J. Arndt — Simmon Cluck — John B. Coleman — Henry F. Dengler — Daniel Derr — Elias Derr — Daniel Hoy — Charles Merwine — Emanuel Moyer — Phillip H. Shaffner — James Wise

Information for this post was taken from the files of the Civil War Research Project.  A separate digital file is kept on each of the above-named men.  Information is sought on any men from the Lykens Valley area who were soldiers or sailors during the Civil War.


16 Responses to “17th Pennsylvania Cavalry – Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg”

  1. kenneth fornwalt says:

    My great great grand father David Fornwalt served with the 17th PA Cavalry (162nd), Co. E from 26 September 1862 until 13 September 1864 it was my under standing that he fought at Gettysburg .
    I’m not sure if he was a corporal or a private at the time ? any search of his name will bring up a roster and i have a copy of the original.

    • Norman Gasbarro Norman Gasbarro says:

      On 13 September 1864, David Fornwalt transferred to the Veteran Reserve Corps where he served until he was discharged by General Order on 29 June 1865. This transfer is an indication that he was physically unable to continue service in the 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry. The actual military records would probably indicate the nature of his disability – and if not the military records, then the pension application records might give an answer. Later in life, David Fornwalt was confined to the National Soldiers’ Home in Ohio where he died. His body was returned to Lebanon County where he is interred at Bismarck Cemetery.

  2. kenneth fornwalt says:

    Sorry he was born in Lebanon County and the family latter moved in to Dauphin Co .

    • Norman Gasbarro Norman Gasbarro says:

      Son, Percy Fornwalt moved to Tower City (Schuylkill Co.), which is within the area of the Civil War Researcfh Project. I haven’t yet located a Dauphin Co. residence.

  3. Betsy Harris says:

    My great grandfather ( Jasper Newton Hicks ) served in the 17th pennsylvania calvary. I searched his name in the civil war records and found out he was a private in company D. Any information you are able to provide me will be much appreciated. Thanks

  4. John Braden says:

    I have a photo of my greatgreatgrandfather Thomas A Braden. His name appears on the monument. Served 1862-1865. Don’t have any medical records on him. Anyone know where I can find these?

  5. John Braden says:

    If you’re looking for his name he was in Company A from Beaver County

  6. Paul DeShong says:

    My great grandfather served in the 17th Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry. I do not know what company, and could not find him on plaque. I would like to know more information about his service. If you could point me in the right direction, many thanks.

  7. Cassie Walter says:

    I am doing my family tree. I’m related to Abraham Arndt. I found that he was also in the 162nd Regiment Company I of the 17th Pennsylvania Calvery. He was a private. Is there any information on him? If there is, could i be redirected to it.


  8. Nadine O. says:

    My great great grand uncle, Lawrence Kearns, served during the Civil War (July 21, 1864-July 6th, 1865), partly at Gettysburg as a Private in Co. I, PA 17th Cavalry. I’ve seen and have copies of his reference, pension and burial cards. Prior to the 17th Cavalry, he served in Co. E, 5th PA Infantry and Co. I, 2nd PA Provisional Cavalry.

    Is there no way to add additional names to this plaque or add an additional plaque ? I’m sure the familis of those left off the original plaque would be willing to contribute.
    Nadine O.

  9. Nadine O. says:

    My mistake…he was probably at Appomattox, not Gettysburg. And he service with Co. I, 2nd PA Provisional Cavalry was June 1865.

  10. Ken Finlayson says:

    I am trying to figure out the configuration of Squadrons and Platoons with the 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry. In the History of the 9th New York Cavalry, they break them down and show, for example, Company M & C joining into a Squadron.

    Does anyone have any information, research, letters, etc. that mention Squadrons or Platoons in the 17th PA Cavalry? Even a single reference like “Lt. Wood headed the 2nd Platoon” would be helpful.

  11. William Elko says:

    Mr. Gasbarro,
    At Gettysburg, the 17th Pa. was armed with both Smith and Merrill carbines. Do you possibly know what carbine company G was armed with?

    Bill Elko
    Waynesboro, Pa.

  12. I am trying to find any information I can about Philip Artz, 17th Cavalry, company H.
    I do know that he was from Schuylkill County, was a saddler, wounded at Newton, Va and does in Nov. 1864 in Annapolis, MD.
    Any information about his hometown, parents, siblings, etc. would’ve greatly appreciated. Also any information about hisCivil War experiences or duties would’ve appreciated. I can only imagine what type of work a saddler would perform or how young a saddler might be.
    Thank you!!!

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