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The Decisive Battles

Posted By on February 2, 2011

(Part 4 of 12).  Contents of Volume III of The Photographic History of the Civil WarThe Decisive Battles.

The year 1911 was the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War.  In a memorial to the war, a ten volume set of books was published entitled The Photographic History of the Civil War. This series attempted, through photographs, to do what no other books had previously done – to bring the war close and personal through previously unpublished and unavailable photographs.  The series was edited by Francis Trevelyan Miller.

This post is part 4 of a 12 part series and will focus on the contents of Volume III, The Decisive Battles.

Contents of Volume III of The Photographic History of the Civil War.

Text by Henry W. Elson

Part I:  Grant Versus Lee

“The Battles in the Wilderness.”  “Spotsylvania and the Bloody Angle.”  “Attack and repulse at Cold Harbor.”

Part II:  The Simultaneous Movements

“Drewry’s Bluff Impregnable.”  “To Atlanta – Sherman versus Johnston.”  “The Last Conflicts in the Shenandoah.”

Part III:  Closing In

“Charleston, the Unconquered Port.”  “The Investment of Petersburg.”  “Sherman’s Final Campaigns.”

Part IV:  From War to Peace

“Nashville – The End in Tennessee.”  “The Siege and Fall of Petersburg.”  “Appomattox.”

Part V:  “Engagements of the Civil War from May, 1864,, to May, 1865,” George L. Kilmer.

Pertaining to the Civil War Research Project, one sample pictures from this volume is provided:

Many men from the Lykens Valley area fought at Petersburg.  “Digging” with picks and shovels was one of the required activities and men of the 48th Pennsylvania Infantry took part in this as well as other regiments at the front.  Perhaps, because the 48th Pennsylvania Infantry was composed heavily of miners from the coal regions, they were the best at it.  Those from this regiment who have already been identified for this Civil War Research Project are:  Daniel Emanuel Artz — James W. Brennan —Charles Curtis — George W. Daniels — James Dempsey — John W. Derr — James W. Elliot — William Evans — Jacob Forbes Ferree — Thomas W. Garland — Horatio Grim — Richard M. Jones —William B. Kershner — John Kessler — Benjamin Klouser — Jacob Klouser — Daniel Kopps — Christian Lauer — William Loeser — Patrick Mallen — Emanuel F. Matter — Lewis A. Maul — William Maurer — Thomas McGee — William D. Murphy — William Owens — Peter B. rank — Edward J. Robson — Franklin B. Shriver — William Straw — Robert B. Thompson — William Otis Tyson — Samuel Wenrich — Jerry Willoner — William Young.   If anyone can supply any others from the 48th Pennsylvania who should be included in this Civil War Research Project, please do so.

For a free download from Google Books, click here and select “PDF” in the upper right corner of the page.  When the “PDF” file opens in your reader, save the file to disk.  Use of the file is subject to restrictions that are spelled out on the first page of the PDF.  Essentially, the restrictions specify that the digital book may be used for personal, non-profit use only and that the Google Books “watermark” should not be removed from the pages.

Tomorrow, part 5 of this series will examine Volume IV, The Cavalry.


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