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Photographic History – Index to Pennsylvania Regiments

Posted By on February 14, 2011

(Part 12 of 12).  A condensed version of the index found in Volume X of The Photographic History of the Civil WarArmies and Leaders, with reference to specific Pennsylvania regiments included in the ten volumes of The Photographic History.

The year 1911 was the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War.  In a memorial to the war, a ten volume set of books was published entitled The Photographic History of the Civil War. This series attempted, through photographs, to do what no other books had previously done – to bring the war close and personal through previously unpublished and unavailable photographs.  The series was edited by Francis Trevelyan Miller.

This post is the final part of a 12 part series.

Index references to Pennsylvania regiments mentioned in The Photographic History of the Civil War.  Volume number is denoted by Roman numeral followed by page.  A boldfaced volume number and page indicates a picture.


1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery: I, 22; I, 32; I, 356; I, 364; McCarthy’s Battery, I, 291; III, 176; III, 178.

2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery: III, 336; X, 99.

3rd Pennsylvania Light Artillery: II, 348; Battery E, V, 35.

5th Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery: IX, 263, IX, 265.



1st Pennsylvania Cavalry: I, 354; I, 356; II, 336.

2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry: IV, 57.

3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry: Officers of, I, 317; officers of, I, 339; II, 326;  III, 340; IV, 183; IV, 229 seq.; IV, 239.

4th Pennsylvania Cavalry: I, 331; II, 336; IV, 57; IV, 229 seq.

5th Pennsylvania Cavalry: III, 318; IV, 253.

6th Pennsylvania Cavalry: II, 336; IV, 25 seq.; IV, 47; IV, 56; IV, 74 seq.; IV, 80; IV 228; Dragoons, IV, 244.

7th Pennsylvania Cavalry: I, 368; II, 326; IV, 47; IV, 57; IX, 61; IX, 63.

8th Pennsylvania Cavalry: II, 118.

9th Pennsylvania Cavalry: I, 368; II, 328; II, 330; II, 332; II, 336.

11th Pennsylvania Cavalry: II, 336III, 318.

13th Pennsylvania Cavalry: II, 336; III, 332; III, 340; IV 57.

14th Pennsylvania Cavalry: II, 342; II, 346.

16th Pennsylvania Cavalry: IV, 57.

17th Pennsylvania Cavalry: II, 336; IV, 118.

18th Pennsylvania Cavalry: IV, 54.

21st Pennsylvania Cavalry: IV, 57.



1st Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 348; I, 356; I, 366; Rifles, I, 366; II, 342; VII, 169.

2nd Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 336.

3rd Pennsylvania Infantry:  II, 332; II, 336; VII, 169.

4th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 332; II, 342; VII, 169.

5th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 336.

6th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 356.

7th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 362.

8th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 324; VII, 169; losses, X, 154

9th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 356.

10th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 331; I, 356; losses, X, 154.

11th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 348; VII, 274; losses, X, 154.

12th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 356; II, 336.

13th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 336; losses, X, 154.

14th Pennsylvania Infantry: III, 328.

16th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 332; II, 342; VII, 169.

18th Pennsylvania Infantry: VI, 232.

19th Pennsylvania Infantry: III, 324.

27th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 348; I, 366.

28th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 352; V, 35; VII, 181; X, 124.

29th Pennsylvlania Infantry: I, 364; VII, 181.

31st Pennsylvania Infantry: camp of, VIII, 83.

45th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 366.

46th Pennsylvania Infantry:  II, 25.

47th Pennsylvania Infantry:  II, 326.

48th Pennsylvania Infantry: III, 195; III, 200; V, 246.

49th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 346; losses,X, 154.

50th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 355.

51st Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 356; I, 358; I, 362.

55th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 326

62nd Pennsylvania Infantry:  I, 364.

63rd Pennsylvania Infantry:  V, 35; IX, 59; losses, X, 154.

67th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 336.

69th Pennsylvania Infantry: IX, 217.

71st Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 352; at Gettysburg, II, 265.

72nd Pennsylvania Infantry: at Gettysburg, II, 265.

76th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 326

78th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 326

81st Pennsylvania Infantry: losses, X, 152.

83rd Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 364; losses, X, 154.

84th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 360; I, 366.

87th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 336.

95th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 362.

96th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 362.

97th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 366.

99th Pennsylvania Infantry: III, 332; VIII, 319.

100th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 364; I, 366.

103rd Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 351.

104th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 290.

105th Pennsylvania Infantry: IX, p. 59.

106th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 61; at Gettysburg, II265.

110th Pennsylvania Infantry: I, 360; I, 366; II, 346.

111th Pennsylvania Infantry: VII, 181.

114th Pennsylvania Infantry: camp at Brandy Station, Virginia, VIII, 224-225.

115th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 344.

116th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 92; II, 93.

119th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 346.

140th Pennsylvania Infantry:  losses, X, 154.

141st Pennsylvania Infantry: losses, X, 152.

142nd Pennsylvania Infantry: losses, X, 154.

145th Pennsylvania Infantry: losses, X, 154.

148th Pennsylvania Infantry:  losses, X, 154.

150th Pennsylvania Infantry: II, 103.

151st Pennsylvania Infantry: X, 124.

209th Pennsylvania Infantry: III, 338.


It must be noted that many/pictures may not have been included in the index.  For example, the picture of the 96th Pennsylvania Infantry in Camp Northumberland from Volume I, previous pictured in the review of Volume I, is not in the index under the 96th Pennsylvania Infantry.  Neither does it appear under Camp Northumberland, a camp that is not even included in the index!  Also, the pictures of the Pennsylvania generals that are included in the post on Volume X include references to specific Pennsylvania regiments from which they originated, are only indexed by their name and the fact that a picture appears on a page in Volume X.  No references to Pennsylvania regiments are given following their names in the index.  While this makes it difficult to use the index for this series, diligence and creativity can be used to find pictures that pertain to particular events and the rewards are worth the effort.

Camp Northumberland

A final comment on the index:  many of the pages are poorly reproduced in the free, Google Books version, making it difficult to see the actual references (volumes and page numbers).  The information used in this post was taken from a print copy of Volume X, which was easier to read.

Readers are invited to submit volume and page numbers that can be added to the index on Pennsylvania regiments.  Share your finds!

For a free download of Volume X (which includes the index) from Google Books, click here and select “PDF” in the upper right corner of the page.  When the “PDF” file opens in your reader, save the file to disk.  Use of the file is subject to restrictions that are spelled out on the first page of the PDF.  Essentially, the restrictions specify that the digital book may be used for personal, non-profit use only and that the Google Books “watermark” should not be removed from the pages.


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